Unbounce Review 2021 – The Ultimate Landing Page Builder?

Landing pages have always been tricky for us here at Venture Harbour. Our developers are busy building and optimising our ventures – but our marketing team needs landing pages built regularly and quickly. They don’t want to be waiting around for weeks at a time while each new landing page is designed and developed for them.

Sound familiar?

Building landing pages is only half of the battle, too. Running split tests and optimising each page on an ongoing basis is a real challenge and we’ve tried multiple landing page builders to solve this problem for us.

Most recently, we’ve been using Unbounce to aid the release of our latest venture, Serene, and we feel like the latest version of Unbounce is the best all-round landing page builder on the market right now.

So we thought it might be helpful to share our experiences with an in-depth review looking at what makes Unbounce such a good tool and where we think it could still be improved.


Unbounce Logo

15,000 businesses use Unbounce to create pixel-perfect landing pages with no code. Unbounce offers 100+ out-of-the-box templates that are fine-tuned for conversion. They feature a huge number of integrations with your other favorite tools including Constant Contact, Salesforce and LiveChat. Unbounce is the leader in landing page software. Build a custom workflow, launch faster, and make your business boom.

Ease of Use
Website Building
Customer Support

Pros of Unbounce

Cons of Unbounce

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Now, let’s look deeper to find what Unbounce has to offer and whether it is the right solution for you or not.

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    What is Unbounce

    Unbounce home page

    Source: Unbounce

    The story begins in 2009 when online businesses were just getting off the ground.

    Oli Gardner, Carl Gilchrist, Justin Stacey, Jason Murphy, and Carl Schmidt joined forces with Rick Perrault.

    They saw the demand for marketers to bypass developers and build their own campaigns.

    But how can you build a campaign without any technical coding skills?

    The answer — a landing page builder.

    And so, Unbounce was born!

    Since then, it’s become one of the leading landing page builders, supporting over 15,000 brands (including Amazon, Canon, LinkedIn, and Vodafone).

    But does Unbounce’s ancient beginnings mean that it’s no longer relevant?

    Who Is Unbounce For?

    Unbounce categories

    Source: Unbounce

    Unbounce specifically caters to certain types of business — with its features and, unfortunately, with its price too.

    If you fall into one of the following categories, we’d recommend taking a good look at what Unbounce can offer you.


    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    If your business sells software, and your developers are constantly working on improving your software, how can they find the time to build your landing pages too?

    That’s why Unbounce created its landing builder to be accessible to everyone (no HTML knowledge needed).


    As an agency, you have to be able to respond quickly to your clients’ needs while showing results.

    Unbounce allows you to build a landing page within minutes and showcase your results with reports and analytics.

    Unbounce also offers a Partner Program where agents can sell landing pages and earn 20% of the lifetime recurring revenue for every client they refer to Unbounce.



    You need to be able to update your sales pages, fast.

    Just think about the switch from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and how much money you could lose if that transition isn’t smooth.

    Unbounce’s testing options and smart tech may give you an edge to ensure that your landing pages are effective at converting leads.

    Ease of Use

    The templates are definitely one of the best ease-of-use aspects for Unbounce. They’re a great pick because adding or customizing any part of your landing pages can be accomplished with just a couple of clicks. The drag-and-drop functionality is intuitive and even beginners to the website building process should pick it up relatively quickly.

    However, what if you want to customize the looks of multiple landing pages at once? You can do that too, thanks to several other ease-of-use features, like the ability to clone and edit entire pages or copy and paste text between pages. This saves you lots of time since you won’t have to craft new text or ads for each landing page you build.

    The Script Manager demonstrates this user-friendliness more than anything. It allows you to present custom scripts across multiple landing pages simultaneously.

    Landing Page Builder

    Landing Pages

    Source: Unbounce

    If your landing page isn’t well-designed and optimized, you won’t convert leads — it’s as simple as that.

    Unbounce covers most of its bases, but there are still a few features that need some attention.

    Here’s a list of all of Unbounce’s main landing page features:

    • Drag-and-drop builder: just a couple clicks, and voilá, your page is done!
    • 100+ templates: you have access to over 100 customizable templates, plus the option of purchasing a customizable template from Themeforest
    • Clone and edit, copy and paste: easily manage multiple landing pages by cloning and copying across different pages
    • Lead-gen form builder: generate more leads through captivating forms
    • 100% mobile responsiveness: switch between desktop and mobile view to make sure your page looks great on all devices
    • Publishing: you can publish to your own custom domain or to your WordPress page
    • Snazzy AI: a newly acquired tool that uses AI to help you write high-converting copy — no more writer’s block!

    These features help back up Unbounce’s claim of being the best, all-rounded landing page builder.

    However, some of these features do miss the mark.

    The lead-gen form builder looks great on paper, but the functionality is extremely limited. So much so, that it might as well be regarded as insignificant.

    And while mobile responsiveness is an essential feature, with Unbounce, you have to manually adapt each landing page for mobile use which takes time and effort.

    Unbounce also has some effective and handy customization features:

    • Choose from 950 Google fonts
    • Add free images from Unsplash
    • Embed video anywhere on your page, including your page backgrounds
    • Prevent images from slowing down your pages by using high-quality SVG images and the auto image optimizer
    • Use your own custom code if you want to add some extra flair to your page
    • You can always ask the support team to help you write your personalized code — however, this might prove trivial as their support team isn’t the best

    Unbounce has maxed out its arsenal of features, and some may see this as overwhelming.

    Sometimes the simpler, the better — especially for beginners.

    Popups and Sticky Bars

    Popups and Sticky Bars

    Source: Unbounce

    How are you supposed to catch your viewers’ attention and entice them to take action?

    Popups are great at catching the reader’s eye by popping up a screen or form.

    Sticky bars work more subtly — tickling the reader by placing a lingering bar with a call-to-action on the side that follows the reader as they scroll.

    To build your popups and sticky bars, Unbounce offers you the same building features as with the landing pages, such as a drag-and-drop element, plus loads of templates.

    On top of that, you also get access to some features that will make your popups pop like a balloon and your sticky bars stick like fresh honey:

    • Two-step opt-in form: turn any button, image, or link into a popup form
    • Triggers: choose exactly when your popups and sticky bars are triggered
    • Targets: decide who sees what by targeting by URL, referring URL, location, and cookies
    • Schedules: ensure your popups and sticky bars stay relevant and align with your seasonal campaigns

    This popup and sticky bar builder gives Unbounce an advantage over other landing page builders who mostly don’t have this as a separate feature.

    However tempting it may be, you don’t want to go crazy with this feature and overwhelm your visitor with offers.

    In fact, putting multiple offers on your landing page can reduce your conversion by 266%.

    You want to use it wisely and in moderation.

    Dynamic Text Replacement and Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Dynamic Text Replacement and Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Source: Unbounce

    Two other notable features are the Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which play a major role in search engine optimization (SEO).

    SEO plays an integral part in getting more traffic to your site by increasing your ranking on organic search results — leading to more conversions.

    DTR allows you to personalize your copy in your PPC ads, plus match them to your landing pages.

    This makes your landing pages more relevant to hook different viewers onto your site, enticing them to take action and convert, plus increasing your search engine ranking.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) also improves your SEO by boosting your pages’ loading time on mobile devices.

    Conversion rates drop by 4.42% for every extra second it takes a page to load, with most people abandoning a page after 3 seconds.

    Mobile pages can take 5 times longer to load — can you see where the problem comes in?

    Unbounce counters this with their AMP which uses simplified HTML templates, allowing your mobile page to load almost instantly.

    These seem like very helpful features, but they’ll only help you if your plan is above the cheapest plan.

    If you’re a small business on a tight budget, Unbounce deems you unworthy of these features — another important thing to consider.

    A/B testing

    A/B testing

    Source: Unbounce

    A/B testing is an indispensable feature of a landing page builder.

    While Unbounce’s A/B testing is unlimited, it’s also exempt from their cheapest plan entirely.

    Their A/B testing does work pretty well (for those that can use it).

    Just duplicate a page, edit it, activate it as a variant, and voilá!

    You can also adjust the flow of traffic to each variant — whether it’s 50/50 or 80/20, for example.

    A/B testing works great with Smart Traffic™ — an Unbounce original!

    Smart Traffic™

    Smart traffic is an AI-powered algorithm that delivers the most relevant landing page variant to the visitors where they are most likely to convert.

    As I repeatedly say, personalization in marketing communication is vital for any business to grow- Unbounce Smart Traffic helps you move in that direction.

    Once you activate it, it starts learning what version of the page is most likely to convert different visitors based on their attributes like traffic source, keywords, device, etc.

    Unbounce Smart Traffic

    The best part of using Unbounce Smart Traffic is that you won’t have to wait for weeks to collect data and optimize your campaigns for better conversion – it starts optimizing as soon as it has enough data to get started.

    Smart Traffic is a unique and powerful conversion optimization tool that can enhance your marketing performance and increase your revenue.

    Reports & Analytics

    Unbounce provides all the essential data on how your landing page, popups, and sticky bars are performing. The reports include –

    • Number of visitors
    • Number of views
    • Number of conversions
    • Conversion Rate

    You can view these reports by clicking on the respective pages, popups, and bars. Here’s how it display reports for a landing page –

    Unbounce landing page Report

    At the time of writing this, Unbounce doesn’t allow you to download reports – you can only view them. However, if you need to share the reports, you can add users with “View only” access so that they can view the stats and preview pages but cannot make changes. 

    Reporting and Analytics of Unbounce is very basic. I think a dedicated section with reporting tab would be a better way to display insights for each domain and the assets under them.

    Unbounce Integrations

    In online marketing, you have to use multiple tools and software to streamline the entire customer journey within the company ecosystem. That’s why, whichever tool you pick, ensure that it can integrate with your existing tools. 

    However, with Unbounce, you don’t have to worry about that. It offers a wide range of integrations – both in-app and Zapier compatible. 

    Since Unbounce is a landing page builder and the primary objective of using it is for lead generation, right?

    The Unbounce team understands this; that’s why they provide seamless in-app integration with major CRM and email marketing software.

    Unbounce integration capability

    Additionally, there are other third-party tools that provide Unbounce integration from their side. Some of them are LiveChat, Outgrow, Hotjar, Crazyegg, and many more. 

    Unbounce provides a wide range of integration capabilities. However, I hope the list of in-app integration tools keep increasing as most small businesses can’t afford to invest in tools like Zapier and Automate.io 

    Customer Support

    Unbounce has a great customer support team you can contact if you want help with the builder or if you have questions about your account. You’ll speak with a real human rather than a bot via email, phone, or live chat. You also get this customer support regardless of which level of service you pick: another big advantage compared to other services. This does limit human support to regular working hours around 5 AM to 5 PM PST.

    You can also contact Unbound’s team to see if their service will be a good fit for your online business

    Here’s a list of Unbounce’s main support features:

    • Chatbot: this is always ready to help you navigate your way through the site and the building process
    • Blog and marketing resources: this provides an extensive catalog of conversion tips, marketing guides, and updates in the landing page world
    • Landing Page Basics and Examples: beginners get an easy 10-step guide on how to build a landing page, plus some great examples to get them inspired
    • Help center: you can find technical articles to answer all your nitty-gritty questions
    • Community: here you connect and discuss everything marketing with experts and beginners alike

    Pricing Plans

    Unbounce has three core plans and you get access to most of its features across all of them. While most software providers throttle features on their cheaper plans, Unbounce doesn’t really engage in this – although there are a few differences, which I’ll explain in a moment.

    First up, let’s look at some pricing.

    • Launch: $90/month
    • Optimize: $135/month
    • Accelerate: $225+/month

    As you can see, pricing starts from $90 per month and the key difference is how many landing pages and pop-ups you expect to create. Even on the Essential plan, you get unlimited anding pages and eight pop-ups/sticky bars.

    I should also point out that both the Optimize and Accelerate plans set a limit on 30,000 and 50,000 monthly unique visitors.

    You can also get a 10% discount off if you pay yearly.

    • Launch: $81/month
    • Optimize: $122/month
    • Accelerate: $203+/month

    All in all, though, Unbounce makes the vast majority of its features available to customers on every plan and it’s always great to see this from a software provider.

    Unbounce vs the Competition

    Not sure if Unbounce is right for you? Here are some solid alternatives (the below pricing is shown with the cheapest annual plans in mind):



    Instapage is slightly more expensive (starts at $99 a month on their yearly plan) but offers more than Unbounce’s base plan.

    Instapages Alternative to Unbounce

    Get access to more analytics, 200+ templates, 40 integrations, and more. If Unbounce’s Essential plan wasn’t quite enough, but the Premium is too expensive, this is a solid choice.


    • Ease of use, simplicity of page building and deployment.
    • No complications in onboarding any third-party agency partner and no risks associated with it.
    • By using the subdomain, we are able to very easily deploy the tool without interfering with the main domain and CMS structure.
    • Instapage has an excellent team when it comes to supporting us and agility of response. They provided custom training, prepared videos and were extremely accomodating to our needs.
    • Very easy to use and teach to others, immense flexibility, good & responsive support team, robust and easy-to-use A/B testing function.


    • The lack of an out-of-the-box integration with Hubspot forms is also a bit annoying, as we have to connect every page to Zapier.
    • you can’t convert text from headers to paragraphs and vice versa
    • Some simple things such as font size on mobile pages is not easily changed and requries additional tech tickets.


    LeadPages is a much more budget-friendly option, starting at just $25 a month for unlimited lead pages, popups, and alert bars.

    Leadpages as an Unbounce Alternative

    It also offers 40+ integrations, A/B testing, and 200+ templates. The builder is slightly less robust and support is by email only. Still, it is a competent and budget-friendly option.


    • It certainly takes less time compared to building a site on wordpress
    • While there are templates and tools for just about every use, it’s all so well organized and easy to use, it feels easy to use.
    • The flexibility it can offer in creating various leadboxes and lead pages for all uses.
    • The way you can simply pick a template, edit and publish it on your Domain with the help of a Plugin
    • Easy alert bars and pop ups.


    • I have a lot of pages and pop-ups and while the internal search feature is good, it can still be time-consuming to find what I am looking for.
    • Although it is very customizable, there are also limits like for example in our landing pages we would like the copy to be above the fold however the challenge is that the spacing can only be minimized up to a certain extent so you have to tinker with the copy, adjust the other elements in the page etc. However nothing too major that would make me not recommend it to peers.
    • The interface popup for editing text is not that userfriendly.


    unbounce vs landingi

    Build unlimited landing pages quickly and easily. Get more leads, maximize sales and watch your business grow.


    • Landingi is in the step by step to improve our marketing work, from the creation and elaboration of landing pages, to their use tests and integrations, until their correct optimization and implementation are achieved.
    • It has tools such as A / B tests to develop any possibility and verify its correct operation, as well as the analysis of situations, form generator, editing and personalization in real time that with just a few steps such as drag and drop it is possible to create great things. 
    • t allows me to streamline the work of the landing page thanks to dynamic tools that allow quick writing processes, locate and manage ads, allowing them to automatically reach the right and indicated pages.
    • Very intuitive and versatile. Cheaper than the alternatives when you don’t need a lot of pages.


    • Could have more templates. Would like to see industry specific templates.
    • I don’t like their wordpress plugin because it puts them in order of how the pages were published and when you have 200+ pages that means you are on page 21 of wordpress to import the page.
    • Prices. In my opinion if you want to customize well, it costs a lot of money.


    You can use an agency plan of $149/month billed annually, an automate plan of $79 / Month billed annually, and a create plan of $55 / Month billed annually.

    Site123 Landing Pages

    With Site123 you can create a professional landing page up in under a minute. With 70+ integrations and a price tag of $10.08/month, this is a good choice for the bargain-conscious. 

    Site123 has a helpful “tour” which walks you through how your site editor works. 

    site123 landing pages
    The Site123 dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.


    unbounce vs click funnels

    Clickfunnels is a website builder that allows users to create everything from membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation systems, to product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems all with drag and drop ease.


    • It is very simple to create landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales page, they have a lot of pre-made templates that you need to edit a bit and ready to use them.
    • I really like the ease of use and the amount of value they provide you when signing up
    • I can’t believe the quantity of quality pieces of training and videos, support, and tools Clickfunnels provides.
    • I love automated systems, so using Clickfunnels is getting really fun to use. It’s a lot easier when you are guided from the overall strategy to the tactics.
    • I love how easy it is to understand the videos for troubleshooting technical problems and the fact that they have videos for the sites they connect to.


    • For me, the main drawback for Clickfunnels is the pricing, the lowest price is $97 per month, I find it a little bit steeper if you just want to build one or two squeeze pages.
    • Copy and paste your tracking code on each funnel


    You can start with click funnels plan with $97/month, or go with click funnels platinum with $297/month and finally, you can select two comma clubx at $2497 per month.

    INSERT PLATFORM Review – Final Verdict

    After using Unbounce extensively, I have no problems recommending it as a landing page builder. It’s certainly the best platform of its type that I’ve used and I don’t think anyone else on our team is going to disagree with that.

    There are some minor niggles that add unnecessary work, particularly when you’re first getting started, and it would be nice to have a smoother integration with Google Analytics, in particular.

    However, Unbounce solves far more problems than it creates and I think it’s safe to say this is still the best landing page builder on the market. We were pretty demanding in the way we used this platform and any problems we came across were fixed with integrations or a few tweaks.

    To sum up: if you’re on the hunt for a landing page builder, start with Unbounce.

    Try Unbounce For Yourself

    Try a risk free unlimited 14 day trial of all Unbounce's features! Click the link below!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does Unbounce cost?

    Unbounce has a starting cost of $80 per month. Check out the pricing plans section in our Unbounce review for a full breakdown. There are a number of plans available. As the price increases, you get access to more tools and space to accommodate your visitors.

    Does Unbounce offer a free trial?

    Yes, they offer a free 14-day trial so you can test out all the features before you buy.

    Can you add countdown timers to your landing pages?

    Yes! This is a newish feature to Unbounce. You can now add a sense of urgency to your landing pages by telling users when the deal will expire.

    Can I add on extra landing pages, sticky bars, or popups to my current plan or do I have to upgrade?

    Yes, according to support you can add sticky bars and popups a la carte. It is not clear if you can add more landing pages.

    What is Unbounce used for?

    Landing pages are used as a method of converting visitors into “leads.” In other words, the landing page gets them to provide their information in exchange for a product or service they feel is valuable to them. By using a landing page, you are trying to hook the customer in and get them to invest in your product or service. 

    Landing pages, such as those that can be created through Unbounce, are strategically built, keeping in mind consumer buying behaviours and consumer psychology. Their sole purpose is to drive traffic for a specific marketing campaign goal. The intent is to focus the visitor solely on the intent of that specific page, for example, the sign-up process for a mailing list.

    What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Website?

    Let’s start with the obvious: a landing page is a type of web page, whereas a website is a collection of individual web pages that work together to provide a visitor with all the necessary information about a product or service. 

    The primary difference lies in the purpose; a landing page is targeted in that it is the specific portion of the website that is trying to get the visitor to do something; whether that be subscribing to a mailing list, buying a product, etc. It does not feature other information, unlike other webpages on the same domain, which may contain links. 

    What is an Unbounce Page?

    An Unbounce landing page is one constructed using the Unbounce landing page builder tool. Unbounce makes it extremely easy to build a landing page through its drag-and-drop interface that allows for extreme levels of customization; from font type to the layout via a wide selection of templates. 

    This high level of customization that allows you to make your landing page exactly the way you want it is what separates Unbounce from other landing page creation tools. 

    Moreover, you are able to access in-built conversion metrics through A/B split testing. You can experiment with messaging, design, forms and the likes to arrive at the right landing page that leads to the most conversions. 

    Is Unbounce pages legit?

    Yes, the Unbounce page is legit to increase your conversion rate. Well, they’ve been around since 2009 and are a well-reputed company in the industry that offers Artificial intelligence-powered A/B tests for reactive landing pages to see what designs work best with audiences’ responses from various types of screens such as smartphones or tablets.

    It also offers numerous other features which makes this platform more robust when it comes to converting visitors.

    How many customers does Unbounce have?

    Being the top name in the industry for years, Unbounce has over 16k customers. Its track record, plus this large number of customers, should be a testament to its ability to boost conversion rates.

    Is Unbounce a CMS?

    Not as such. Unbounce allows you to build and launch landing pages connected to your domain. An example of a content management system is WordPress, which Unbounce is equipped to integrate with.

    Do I Need a Website or Just a Landing Page?

    Ideally, you should combine a website with a landing page for maximum effect. As you can tell by the functions of both a website and a landing page outlined above, they are complementary and work together to sell your brand to a visitor. On its own, a website acts as only a small part of your company’s overall marketing strategy. It provides the necessary background information for your company and what you offer.

    Once you have a visitor on your website and they are interested in what you have, the next step is to convert them into a lead for your business, which is where a landing page comes in handy. It features a call to action with zero distractions that gives your visitor a choice: either sign up or leave. Ideally, as mentioned above, you want to provide an incentive in order to obtain a customers’ purchase.

    Can I conduct split tests with Unbounce?

    There are a few different ways to conduct split testing with Unbounce. The first option is not using AI optimization, which can be laborious work for your team and take up valuable time that could otherwise be spent on more value-added tasks like improving landing pages or developing new content. That’s why there’s another (more efficient) way of conducting split tests in the Unbounce system: Smart Traffic ( Auto quick A/B testing).

    Where is Unbounce located?

    Unbounce is based in Vancouver, Canada. They provide a platform for marketers to easily create, test, and optimize landing pages for higher conversions without any coding and designing skills needed.

    Does Unbounce provide a landing page course?

    The Unbounce team has created a landing page course for those of us who are new to the platform. You can visit here and learn more about building successful landing pages that drive more conversions.

    How do I cancel an Unbounce subscription?

    Did you know that Unbounce has a free trial period? You can cancel the subscription at any time before your membership expires. To do this, go to “Account Settings.” On there is an option for Canceling Your Subscription and it will take care of those pesky details.

    Does Unbounce provide API?

    Yes! Unbounce has a robust API that you can use to integrate with their software. And they released a newer version 0.4 you can read more about it here.

    What are Unbounce widgets?

    Unbounce provides wide collections of widgets such as CTA buttons, social share buttons, and many more. That help you to create highly customized landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

    Does Unbounce have an affiliate program?

    Yes, Unbounce has an affiliate program where you’ll have the opportunity to earn 20% commissions per customer per month as long as your referral paying for their subscription.

    If you’re a blogger or marketer looking for an affiliate program that gets you some decent residual commissions, then the Unbounce affiliate program is perfect You can sign up and start earning money just by sharing your favorite landing page builder tool.

    Can I use Webhook in Unbounce?

    You’ll find that if there are not enough integrations in their app. It allows you to use Webhook service which easily sync up data between your Unbounce account and the tools that you are using for running marketing campaigns.

    For example, if someone fills out a form on an Unbounce landing page with their email address they can have this information sent to any third-party CRM’s like HubSpot and Zoho of their choice.

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