Thrive Themes Review: Is it worth it?

Thrive Themes Review: Is it worth it?

Thrive Themes Review: Is it worth it?


Every business needs an online presence in today’s time. Online activity becomes equivalently important when it’s time to upsurge your business and promote it. Several websites offer unique and innovative benefits that every business owner can avail to rocket-shot their business. These websites promote and help to design a page for attention-grabbing promotion. Hence, it will support a business by providing a branding status with growing revenue. To make a remarkable outcome, every business is looking for websites that will give them additional economic value. So, are you looking for a great theme that will design your page? Do you want to head-start your business against your opponents? If it’s yes, you must know about the Thrive themes platform. Before you log in and start using this, I want to share some highlights through Thrive Themes Review. 

Thrive Themes is a firm that supports its visitors with great conversion rates through its impressive themes. The most identified and used design by thrive theme customers is WordPress. It is appreciated for its classifying design in simple steps. It benefits the users with amazing tools like Thrive Lead, Thrive Architect, and more.

As you get a small glimpse of Thrive Themes, you need to learn its advantages and other beneficial facts. I explained each criterion through my experience after using it myself. I can assure you that this review will add some benefits to using this Thrive Themes platform valuably.


What is Thrive Themes Exactly: An Overview?


Thrive Themes is the page builder software founded in 2013. It was initialized with two upcoming entrepreneurs named Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh. This software in the theme suite builds innovative tools for a real upsurge with good profits. 

It is the first suite that developed the best-ever WordPress plugin, the WYSIWYG editor. Hence, this made Thrive Themes an all-in-one tool for WordPress users. It made users prepare their pages without any technical knowledge. The design is ready quickly with just basic computer knowledge. 



Thrive Themes initially started its firm by launching its very first tool named Thrive Visual Editor, and now it is renamed Thrive Architect. After this, Thrive Themes got an enormous response which boosted them to build more tools like Thrive Leads, Thrive Themes Builder, Thrive Quiz Builder, and more. Therefore, these tools made the users more comfortable creating an attractive page for their product promotions. 

Thrive Themes creation has benefitted many business owners. It supported owners in building complete sites with great designs, boosting conversion rates. The business upsurges with great numbers of customers, clients, and subscribers. All of these were gained after the application of Thrive Themes tools. All these tools are available within the membership plan provided by Thrive Themes. 

In my opinion, this software will greatly benefit aspiring business marketers and owners with zero digital presence and knowledge. It will also add benefit to entrepreneurs using WordPress frequently and a few industry experts and leaders.

But can it be afforded by all business owners? Is it reliable to invest in this platform? All these questions and answers are explained in coming down sections with additional knowledge. Let us dive in and know Thrive Themes in-depth.


How Do Thrive Themes Work?



Thrive Themes allows their customers to create any one tool as per their requirements in the market. They can choose any of the products from the list availed to them. However, customers often get lured by their services in all the products and prefer to use the package provided. So, before taking a chance, let us see the workflow of Thrive Themes.

1. After you purchase, you need to learn the process of Thrive Themes works from your account. Login details are captured after your payment, and you will get the service you had opted to create a website or pages. In Thrive Themes there are three companion themes that you can use to work in. The first is Shapeshift, the second is Kwik and the third is Ommi. The below explanation is focused on Shapeshift because users vastly use it.

2. Install product manager, and you will get into the main dashboard of Thrive Themes products. Chooses any of the products according to your business and needs.

3. Thrive helps to develop your website with unique elements. It supports the customer in preparing their page from scratch. Moreover, it helps build the site with their already existing templates in a few clicks.

4. The site wizard of Thrive Themes builder helps you to efficiently set up a brand color, logo, footer, header, Homepage, blog post, and Pages. Choose the template that best suits your business. It will attract the audience to your page and convert them into leads.

5. The Thrive Themes allows you to set up and enhance your site or page speed. It becomes feasible with image optimization, accelerated mobile pages (AMP), caching, image optimization, and minification. 

However, in my experience, I noticed that some of these speed settings need additional plugins from any third party.

6. After setting up the speed of the site or page, you can go through each template you created and verify its appearance, content, image, and more.

7. The next is appearance. You need to structure your website with drag and drop feature. For instance, you can set up your header with a check page, cart page, shop page, account page, and more. Likewise, you have five options Themes, widgets, menus, theme editor, and customize. You can set it and explore the beautiful interface of your page. 

8. Start tweaking into some more set-up for your site or page. You can check out some tabs in this section: site wizard, branding, typography templates, and site speed. Give a glance into each section and design it according to your interest.

9. Save each of the setups simultaneously. The basic look of your site is ready now. You can preview it and delete or add elements needed on the site. But, if you feel you need more editing after the final launch, you can edit it as much as you want, according to your convenience. 

10. The next most important setup is to set API connections to integrate Thrive Themes. You can select any connections that you want to link from the main dashboard.

11. The next is to enable the analytical and script part. It will show you the number of visitors, lead generated, and more regular time intervals. 

Thrive Themes workflow seems simple to navigate through each step of the process. It does not need any special expert guidance. If you suspect that there needs to be more than this quality to make the builder effective then let’s understand the pros and cons of this site before investing.


Pros and Cons:



  • Develop a website with the necessary customization as per your ideology.
  • Frequently updates new features or tools based on their user’s experience.
  • All the tools are interlinked to each other. Hence, it gives additional value to a prepared page or site.
  • It supports an Application Programming Interface (API), making the users easy without the help of a software developer.
  • All plugins and templates can be used together at once, which helps to obtain an exclusive design and functional site or pages.
  • A/B Test mechanism is available. This is built with Thrive themes products like Architect, Optimize, Quiz Builder, and Leads.
  • It supports valuable video knowledge, university, and documentation. This balances the learning curve of the users.
  • Every week or two, upgrades with their speedy execution of unique and novel features are appreciated.



  • Thrive Themes are for a long time in the business. Still, this platform had kept its oldest Templates which are outdated now.
  • This platform, when experienced, feels to be more toward marketing. It is more beneficial for marketers than others.
  • It does not work its best in other Content Management Systems than WordPress.
  • Thrive Theme lacks integration of payment process for used products. You will need to integrate an external cart for this benefit.
  • No full free trial is available.


Easy To Use:


Thrive Themes is the best creator platform for most business users. This platform connects easily with all WordPress conditions with its unique marketing tools. The site allowed them to customize their webpage or landing pages with simple clicks and build them as per their ideas. The learning curve of Thrive Themes is of the highest value due to its transparency information in the documents, videos, and images provided on their site. This makes the user indulge in each feature and easily grab the value of customer acquisition.

Thrive Themes is a valuable conversion machine for huge subscribers, buyers, leads, and more. It empowers the sites with the support of its appealing look developed with the help of an abundance of features they have. Like many platforms, it also supports the customer with the drag-and-drop technique to make creating pages and sites easy and time-saving. Hence, it is an effortless editor for all first-time and experienced users.

WordPress is the platform that will support you to crush out all the values and give complete freedom with Thrive Themes.



Thrive Themes Benefits:


  • You can avail of nine plugins by just investing in one theme.
  • 299$ annually is a reasonable price for availing of all Thrive Themes products.
  • It supports users with blank templates to customize the landing pages and sites personally.
  • It also supports 300+ templates designed to easily create sites and landing pages.
  • It always supports its customers by continuously upgrading its products, themes, and plugins.
  • The navigation of the Thrive themes interface is simple, with drag-drop methods in each of the plugins.
  • Application programming Interfaces (API) are simple to link for non-technical users.
  • It permits almost easy integration with external tools, applications, and more.
  • Thrive Themes provides Thrive University with which users can get answers to their queries and issues through videos, articles, and images provided here.
  • Thrive Themes gives back money to their unsatisfied customer within 30 days of purchase.
  • Customer support is 24/7 with instant response to their customers.

Thrive Themes are filled with user-friendly products or themes that are simple to understand for all types of educated or non-educated users. It is customizable for all the needs of the WordPress site developer. 

Now, check out the massive features that Thrive Themes provides through each of its plugins.



Thrive Themes Features: What’s Inside?


Earlier, Thrive Themes used to have themes like Rise, Pressive, FocusBlog, and more. But now, in the regular updates, they have replaced it with Theme Builder products.

Hey, wait, more products support multiple beneficial features to avail yourself in your journey. Dive into a closer look at some key products that provide top-class features in the Thrive Themes platform.

Thrive Themes Builder: 

This product eases the process of building your website with its front-end customization and drag-and-drop editor. This product comes with three companion themes to keep your site working. They are Ommi, Shapeshift, and Kwik. Ommi, this theme gives a more inviting, personal concept, Shapeshift is elegant, professional, and modern, and Kwik focuses on providing a clean and tidy look with high performance. All these are mobile-friendly, with access to modify and create each aspect of the page. 



Thrive Architect: 

This plugin is a primary editor used to design and edit posts and pages on the WordPress site. It supports 300+ templates that are pre-design and can be used in all digital businesses. The blank page is also available for personalized creation. Creating funnels in your landing pages is easy with drag and drop from Thrive Architect section blocks.



Thrive Leads: 

This plugin supports to development of lead-generation content and opt-in-forms. It has a short code feature that supports the instant incorporation of specific pages and eases the process of merging with other plugins. You can target your customers with the help of exceptionally targeted leads through their tags, categories, and posts. Take action by going through the insights of the reports, which will be the tip to improve your performance in the market.



Thrive Quiz Builder:

 Interaction with your leads through your landing pages gives you an additional advantage. Thrive, quiz builders are used to communicate with your audience and attract them with conversion-elevated quizzes. These are the marketing tactics that every digital business owner needs. You can create quizzes like right or wrong, percentage, number, and personality. 



Thrive Ultimatum: 

This product permits you to use paucity tactics and enhance the sale of your digital products. Thrive ultimatum can be beneficial for creating a launch sequence, shipping, time limit, free bonus, and product offers. Pre-made templates are available that ease the user’s development. It easily avails of all types of widgets and elements.




Thrive Ovation: 

This plugin is useful for managing customer testimonials. This will support a collection of treasured social proof for your products. This testimonial is easy to collect and pin on any landing page. Thrive Ovation also supports the Capture Widget to capture your customer feedback.



Thrive Comments: 

This centralized plugin is useful for tracking your comments on the WordPress site. It allows you to send the article recommendation as soon as you get the comment on the particular landing page. It is robust and triggers the conversion rates through comments automatically. Thrive comments permit to forwarding of a follow-up message that instantly automates the funnels used. The most interesting part is the prizes and badges as an award that engages your audience. 



Thrive Optimize: 

This plugin runs an A/B test on all the created pages, elements, etc. It gives the users the appropriate message to change the page or site’s design as per the audience’s needs. Select your traffic speed and test the landing page with the split feature. This analysis in Thrive Optimize is worth investing in to adapt according to your customer requirements.



Thrive Clever Widgets: 

This plugin is mostly found in the sidebar of your sites. It will include some of your latest feeds, blog posts, and more. In combination with Thrive Lead, this plugin helps to target specific people for specific posts. It is quite neat for customers’ immediate attraction




Thrive Automator: 

The plugin allows you to link any tools for creating effective automation in a WordPress site. It sorts the user’s specific concerns like sending and receiving messages, ebooks, applications access, etc. These concerns are solved by integrating external and internal tools that automatically add customers to the list of emails and online courses or tagging them with interesting blogs. You can choose it by developing your automation ways.



Thrive Apprentice: 

This plugin helps to host and create your online course. It is a Learning management system that permits the addition of texts, audio, and videos. It welcomes students’ comments, assignments, and quizzes. It is just a decent plugin that could be even better compared to other similar platforms. You can develop paid courses that will showcase your product on your site. Additionally, you can create free courses and use them as lead magnets.




Marketing and Sales:


Thrive themes Memberships are wonderful for marketers and agencies. It increases conversion rates with the support of tech-savvy tools built into Thrive Optimize, Thrive Ultimatum, and Thrive Leads.

Thrive Architect Builders are a great option for quick sales and marketing. Some of these attractive tools, like headline optimization, Lead generation, and more, make the perfect choice for all marketers to sell and market their services. 



Third-party Integration:


Thrive Themes plugins are ready to connect with third-party services to build your landing pages. Each of the plugins, when purchased individually, has its respective permits for integrating with third-party links. Hence, Thrive Themes has become a favorite tool for integration among users for availing the service of spam prevention, email delivery, and email marketing.

Through Zapier, Thrive Themes also links with several applications that instantly automate your business in this digital world. Thrive Themes also ease the user’s process by linking with other necessary platforms like Clickfunnels. This type of integration offer makes Thrive Themes approachable to many business owners.

Thrive Themes depends on third Party Platforms for payments. It doesn’t allow the function of built-in pay services like LifterLMS or LearnDash.

Application programming Interface (API) is easy with the help of a software developer. Thrive Themes integration with platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Drip, etc., makes the API process easy without taking help from experts. 



Thrive Themes Pricing:


The features and benefits of Thrive Themes are already discussed above. But, you must be eager to know the price of the value that this stage is offering. Let us take a peek into this section.

Thrive Themes users can acquire a theme with two options of purchase. The first is Thrive suite yearly and quarterly options. The second is the membership plan.

Thrive suite: The Thrive suite provides an annual price of 299$ and a quarterly price of 99$. These price plans provide features like  Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive, Theme Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Comments, Thrive Automator, and Thrive Apprentice. These allow taking back money if not satisfied within 30 days. Moreover, you can use these plans on five of your sites. There are many such takeaways in both plans. However, the Quarterly plan has one difference of not availing the lowest price to the users. Compared with the annual plan, the quarterly plan cost is higher.

Membership plan: If you are creating a site where you use Thrive products for your clients, then you can prefer Thrive Agency membership. This plan is specifically for agencies and web designers. It differs from the suite plan in price and permission for website usage. You can use all the theme plugins with fifty of your websites at just 49$ per month (588$ annually). 

There are no changes in the cost if you are up to renew it. Additionally, this page builder site does not support a free trial to check the navigation. But, they provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Thrive Themes did not launch any discounts or coupons on their sites. Moreover, these sites have no deals on occasions like Black Friday.

Thrive Themes Alternatives:


Thrive themes provide many values through their theme plugins, landing page builders, and more. Hence, it had developed equal competitors in the markets. Among the competitors, I researched a few in this section to analyze better alternatives for my readers. Below are the enlisted alternatives.

Clickfunnels: It is a cloud-based platform that allows multiple payment integration. Whereas, Thrive Themes provide an advanced feature for external shopping carts. Clickfunnels do not allow full access to the created sites. WordPress users use Thrive Themes for creation, editing, and marketing their products by controlling themselves. Clickfunnels have multiple funnel options with free hosting. But, in the case of Thrive Themes, Clickfunnels plugins, and themes support completely to get a similar outcome. Thrive Theme is cheaper at 25$ per month (299$ annually), whereas Clickfunnel is 97$ per month (1164 annually). Moreover, Thrive Themes offers unlimited funnels, pages, and unique visitors on five various sites, which are restricted to a certain limit in Click funnels. 



 Elementor: Thrive Themes and Elementor are equally leading among the users. However, they do differ in some of the factors. Picking up Elementor may force you to invest around 150 to 200 dollars for each site, while an investment of 299$ annually for more than one website in Thrive Themes will be a smart move. A combination of Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect features is the better alternative for the element. The two essential aspects in which Elementor scores against Thrive Themes are that users get the support of third-party plugins and can create the latest design pages for their sites.

Elegant Themes: It is also known as Divi. This platform also excels among users in building eCommerce stores with WordPress, blogs, and websites. Thrive Themes avails all conversion-dedicated WordPress themes for 99$ quarterly. In contrast, Elegant provides the lowest price of 89$ annually with unlimited websites and free access to limited themes like Bloom, monarch, Divi Builder, and Divi Theme. 

LeadPages: It is also the best alternative for Thrive Themes. Both of these support is creating great landing pages, promoting your product, and gathering effective email subscribers. Lead pages are an individual platform that can be used in WordPress. At the same time, Thrive Themes is the WordPress theme and plugin provider, specifically for WordPress only. Lead pages offer a 14-day free trial and Thrive Themes do not have any trial. If your business is engaged with WordPress, Thrive Themes is a good option on a tight budget.


Customer Care Support :


Thrive dashboard is easy to access for support from a team. You can raise the ticket of your concern, which is responded to quickly by the Thrive team. If the response is delayed, it will be responded to at least within 24 to 48 hours or less than that. Email of your concerned query will also be responded to immediately. Hence, Thrive Themes easily approaches all their users’ queries.

The site provides video lessons, which are very precise and knowledgeable. This will be easy to understand the navigation process in the Thrive Themes interface. 

Besides this, Thrive Themes uploads new videos monthly with the required updates in their tools. It keeps the users aware of the latest changes and smoothes their work with additional benefits. Mostly, all this knowledgeable stuff, answers all the issues encountered by the users. But, if the issue is not resolved, you can approach them by raising a ticket and email.



Final Thought:


Thrive Themes are one-stop gain for all users, whether they are into business or elsewhere. In my experience, I would say this is an intelligible and well-articulated stage for each WordPress user. Each tool created in this platform offers a unique advantage to raising the business. 

Thrive Themes works greatly with WordPress users by delivering supportive and massive plugins. Its access to the WordPress platform helps to develop high conversion and appealing themes. Thrive Themes allows users to customize landing pages, websites, and subscriber list emails. I would recommend it for its seamless and easy navigation interface. Users can look into an eye-catching element without slowing down the site. Their package makes the buyer comfortable with its features and a conversion-fixated cohort theme. 

Thrive Themes might be a bit expensive for new business owners. However, I would still suggest this platform due to its valuable reciprocation in the form of its features. The packages are comparatively in a higher range though many users approach them for their value. So, do not step back and avoid this stage. It might be the turning point for your drowning business.

It will be a smart decision even with minimal funds in good value returns. Are you still getting doubted and stuffed with queries in your head? Do not worry; pin up your queries in the comments below.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Does Thrive Themes offer a shopping cart facility?

Ans: No, you cannot avail of a shopping cart directly in Thrive Themes. However, it is possible to get it through third-party integration.

Q2. Is there any discount or coupon available for Thrive Themes?

Ans: No, you cannot avail of a low cost through coupons and discounts. Thrive Themes uses a different strategy to increase its sales.

Q3. Is there any free trial available for Thrive Themes?

Ans: No, there is no free version available. However, they ensure a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Q4. Is the Old Thrive Themes working?

Ans: Yes, it’s working. But there will be no new updates. 

Q5. How does Thrive Themes Builder differ from Thrive Architect?

Ans: Thrive Themes Builder is the Theme in the WordPress platform that is beneficial for creating templates. Subsequently, Thrive Architect is the plugin for developing a page for designing varied WordPress posts or pages.

Q6. Does Thrive Themes software support blogs on

Ans: No, Thrive Themes software only supports blogs in

Q7. What is available in the Thrive Themes Membership plan?

Ans: It allows access to Thrive Optimize, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Leads, and Thrive Architect.

Q8. How many Websites can be used with one Thrive Themes plan?

Ans: Up to five websites, 50 can be used with an agency membership plan.

Q9. How many Templates of the landing page are available on Thrive Themes?

Ans: A user can avail of more than 300+ templates after purchasing the plan.