Samcart review: Is it worth using?

Samcart review: Is it worth using?


Samcart review: Is it worth using?



Online learning has enabled students to become self-sufficient learners before they make their path into the actual world. Students got chances to analyze new learning applications and outlets during the class, which enabled them to formulate new mastery and capacities quickening their growth trajectory. Nowadays the majority of students are chasing behind online course platforms. Due to the awesome features and other merits it offers, they are using it without even looking at the price. You already know about a pretty big list of platforms that offer online courses. You heard about the software SamCart as a shopping cart platform. They introduced a new add-on called ‘ SamCart Courses’ which is presently used by more than 20,000 customers. This platform provides you with course creation options and presentations with delivery features inside the app.

There are many appealing features they provide you. Every update and maintenance of the course app can be managed by the SamCart team and you don’t have to worry a bit about it.

Several features add to its effectiveness like fundamental quizzes, general worksheets, course drip and lock options, flexible lesson formatting, drag and drop course creator, and much more. This review helps you to know every side of this platform and guides you to decide to choose Samcart Courses in your knowledge journey.

The significant feature that makes SamCart stand out is its ability to sell online courses with its powerful sales tools. Now let’s know more about the features of the platform.



From this review you will get more details about the following aspects:-

● What is SamCart?

● Who can use SamCart?

● SamCart courses features

● Learning and Engagement 

● Ease of Use

● Check out Pages

● Affiliate Features

● Third-party Integrations

● Customer Support

● Pricing

● SamCart Vs the Competition

● Final Verdict

● Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s dive into SamCart to know more about it.

What is SamCart?


Samcart is a fully developed online purchasing cart that takes care of everything you need to deal with both digital and physical commodities online. They have features-rich associate management built right in and a great documenting dashboard. They can Integrate with the most widespread tools and services + Zapier support through thorough documentation, they can conduct live chat and an engaged FB group. 



SamCart provides you with beneficial features for your course. You can incorporate multiple content types in one lesson. You can access the level of the unit as well as the lesson. They have awesome tools to create worksheets. 

Additionally, they give you powerful selling tools. There is an opportunity for unlimited courses for students.

Who can use SamCart?


SamCart is an excellent option for those who sell products online. This varied from material products to digital products like lessons, events, publications, and seminars. This is a good option to conduct selling your services if you are interested. Even can be given as consulting services on your main website. 

Similar to all other shopping applications, it is too developed in a way that only a specific kind of user can use it. It is not suitable for everyone.

So, depending on whether you sell information, commodities, software, memberships, or assistance, have a peek to find out the various characteristics and functionality of SamCart so you can decide whether or not it’s the favorable shopping cart for you.

SamCart Courses Features :


Here we will learn the features of SamCart courses in a more detailed manner. Let’s dive into every side of SamCart Courses. We get an idea about the learning and engagement tools too.


Course Platform :

SamCart course platform includes many beneficial features. This includes course building, content delivery, and effective engagement of learners.

Course Builder:

To format your course content into units and lessons, you can use a course builder for this process. Each lesson contains actual content. The function of units is to group the lessons for managerial objectives.

The creation of lessons and units followed by reordering them by using the dragging and dropping feature it. From the image below, you can get an idea about the course builder of SamCart Courses.



This is a very useful feature of SamCart Courses. It has a bulk edit, lesson-wise as well as unit-wise editing option available. You can import existing lessons and can easily add new lessons here. The interesting thing is that you can even include pictures, notes, videos, and voices related to the lesson with the help of this course builder.

 It gives native hosting for all subject types except video hosting. If you want to host a video, you first need to upload your specific video to any video hosting outlet like YouTube or any other. Later you can stitch it on SamCart’s course builder which contains lesson structuring. This lesson builder does appealing things such as it gives you a content editor for including text, pictures, various website links, and many other formatting choices.

As far as PDFs and other resources are involved, you can include them as downloadable files. Then you must upload them to the media library, and SamCart will host them on the outlet.




Due to the absence of the option of native video hosting, you can’t collectively import videos.

Here you have to build lessons one by one. It is impossible to import lessons straight from cloud drives. A unique feature Samcart Courses offers is the capacity to build various entry levels. Here you can simply select your lessons and units to these access levels.

Content Delivery:

Content delivery indeed influences the all-around user experience, making it one of the most crucial characteristics of the online course creation procedure.

Your students can reach the course content by entering the page that shows the curriculum. In this area of SamCart, they can view their growth and start again the course where they stopped watching.



SamCart provides audio audio-visual aids for learning. They render exceptional, specific, and irreplaceable service to education. They are in the form of pictures, audio aids, videos, etc.

On the curriculum page, you will get an overview of the content where you can complete each lesson and enter into a new lesson easily. Here you can organize each topic according to its order. Also, worksheets, quizzes, and other related files are available related to the lessons.

The course content is provided to students through the local course player. The course player works in the formal layout where the incorporated video exists on the right, and the navigation menu is present on the left.

The left navigation menu is so useful in that the students can rapidly move between the lessons and units. The buttons for the next and previous lessons are present here. The layout works well for providing the course content for students. But there are some drawbacks here. They include:-

Here search box is absent. so students are required to discover lessons and sections manually. There is also the absence of a conversation or comments area for students to comment on questions, feedback, etc. Only a one-course player theme is available, which isn’t suitable for other digital properties such as a membership site.

The course is cooperative for mobile responsiveness, and it works better. Even though there is no iOS/Android mobile app, learners can still enter the content using mobile browsers. Generally, the course delivery in SamCart is helpful and satisfactory. But still, there is room for improvement in this area.

Learning Process and Engagement


In this section, you will get an idea about various learning and engagement tools of SamCart. 

Quiz Creation:

Let’s know how you can create quizzes with SamCart.     



The most appealing feature of the SamCart course application is, it will provide you with effective tools to create a basic quiz in the way you want it to be. But here you can develop only multiple-choice questions with a single answer. There is no option to formulate more than one selection or paragraph-based questions. In quiz settings, you can add the minimum percentage score needed to pass the quiz. There are options to use various fonts in questions and editing options are also available.

You can easily add new answers and questions using the option shown below the series of questions already given. For that click on the +blue colored box ‘ Add New Question ‘ and ‘Add New Answer ‘. You can enable the quiz at any time.

In terms of media categories, you can involve easy text, links, and pictures to the question. But here no means to include audio or video files for questions or answers. You can bring about a graded quiz by adding a minimum passing percentage. IQ level quizzes, features such as randomized question banks, timed quizzes, explanation-based questions, and importing question options aren’t available.

Productive Worksheets:

Worksheets are a significant way that considerably improve the learning experience of the learner. You can encompass one or more Worksheets in a lesson and use them as assignments and surveys. Through doing worksheets the students learn by themselves. The student learns by completing these worksheets.

The following aspects can be added to Worksheets. They include answers that are in paragraph forms, brief answers, checkboxes, the matrix to show progress, dropdowns, and also the lesson builder enables you to add text, images related to lessons, voice files, and incorporated videos in Worksheets. Also, there’s a choice to get an email when a student finishes a Worksheet.

SamCart’s Worksheets feature is pretty flexible and creative. For instance, you can utilize it to build assignments and assess submissions. Or, you can use it for accomplishing questionnaires and collecting feedback from the obtained data. The evaluation is easily possible through it.

You can give a little for the worksheet you made. There are edit, preview, and delete options available above the columns that need to be filled to create a worksheet. There is space to add a prompt and placeholder under the short answer, essay, and drop-down fields. You can add content and respond to your worksheets.



From the above image, you can see the front-end worksheets. Here the students can add their responses in the column provided below every question given and can complete a worksheet.

However, there are certain limitations in the Worksheet category. They include the following:-

It does not give you an option to upload files into the worksheet. Here it is not possible to accept or reject any of the responses given by students. You can’t mark it as a provision.


Dripping and Locking of Content:


You can release the contents of your course with a single click or you can provide it to the students at a time during a unit or lesson. There is an option to select one unit or one lesson at a particular time.

For every recent unit or lesson, you can choose the day of the week or the number of days after the last lesson was released. You can even absolve certain lessons from content dripping and make them accessible to your learners right away.

Still, you don’t get the choice to publish content on a particular date. On the other hand, through content locking, you can select particular units/lessons that you like to make a requirement. There’s also a choice to make a test necessary. So your students are instructed to finish it before moving forward to the next lesson.

Still, even with these learning and interactive details, SamCart has plenty of missing aspects. This includes native certificate-building tools, community-building features, coaching tools, and live classes.

All around, SamCart Courses offer only the basic learning and engagement tools, while several important ones like certificates and community aren’t accessible.



Ease of Use:


If you’re selling digital commodities online, you need more than a fine path to deliver your content. You need a simple way to improve conversions, maximize consumer value, and ride your business without worrying about technology. To help with it you can use SamCart.You can easily begin it with just three steps. They are:-

●      Building your page: Here you can pick a pre-built template for your commodity, and within seconds you’ll be ready to accept orders. This is useful for online course creation too.

●      Share it with the world: After creating your page, just share the website link to all other platforms like blogs, ads, emails, social media, etc.

●      Expand your business: With built-in, upsells, split testing, order supervision, and more you can spread your deal. Improving your sales will be simpler than ever. You can scale up your sales with easy order management, detailed Reporting & Exports, Multi-Step Pixel Tracking, Advanced Analytics, Sales & VAT Tax Support, and Effective and Strong Integrations.

You can easily follow these three steps and carry out your dealings effortlessly.


Checkout Pages:


SamCart is mainly a checkout app, and it certainly has useful features in this view. You can include Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and a few extra options for payment processing.

For creating checkout pages, there are various templates accessible. You can either personalize them or build one from the base. Also, the checkout page builder has all the essential elements—testimonials, symbols, headlined boxes, texts, pictures, etc.

SamCart Checkout Page Builder has incredible tools for improving and increasing modifications and consumer value through the following features. They include evacuated cart tracking, Upsells and downsells, bumps, and cross-sells, A/B testing options in checkout pages, coupons, and discounts also available.


Affiliate Features:


SamCart makes it simple for you to not only sell your commodities online but also to enroll a whole army of affiliates who will promote your merchandise and improve your earnings. 

The platform’s affiliate management feature is so powerful that you don’t even have to waste any time promoting your commodities or services. 

There is no requirement to spend for ads or any other type of marketing because with affiliates distributing the message on your product or service, it’s a clear means to develop sales since you only have to spend affiliates once they achieve a sale for you.

SamCart enables you to set catalysts and actions by combining them with more than 20 third-party applications. All you need to do is choose the integration, including the secret API, and then establish the triggers and activities.

Effective e-commerce triggers like order completion, product shopping, subscription adding, and subscription begin and more than 15 such options are available. You can set distinct actions for these triggers based on the third-party apps. Actually, in terms of lessons, there are four triggers which include, Student Added To Course, Student Finished Course, Student Removed From Course, and Student Started Course.

If you have the Premium plan, you’ll be able to utilize the Affiliate Program. SamCart develops a sign-up page for recent affiliates, enabling you to accept or reject their applications (you can select to automatically approve affiliates if you’d prefer). Affiliates will get a different link on their dashboard for them to share with others. The cookie duration is 30 days by default, although you can modify this if you like to. It’s really simple to adjust settings, including the number of affiliate commissions your affiliate will obtain from their affiliate links.



SamCart Third-party Integrations:


One of the initial things you’ll want to combine any online shopping cart with is your email transaction autoresponder. For every deal, SamCart will automatically include the consumer in your email list. SamCart offers integrations with email providers, membership integrations, marketing automation, and webinar integrations.

SamCart can integrate with email providers like Convert, MailChimp, Maropost, iContact, Drip, etc. Integrating is as simple as copy-pasting your API key. If you don’t utilize one of the email marketing methods above, you might have to use a Zapier integration for email integrations to include people in your email list with SamCart.

In membership integrations, SamCart has strode its game up with membership site integrations. Recently, they only supported four membership sites. They’ve lately included three more. From the looks of it, membership platform integrations are hard for online shopping carts. SamCart integrates with the following platforms such as Kajabi, WishList Member, Post Affiliate, ProMemberPress, Thinkific, Member Mouse, and Digital Access Pass.

In Marketing Automation Samcart provides integrations including, HubSpot, Intercom, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, OntraPort, etc.

If you want to do webinar Integrations, SamCart doesn’t give any webinar platform integrations, which is ineffective as many digital commodity holders utilize webinars to sell their products online presently. However, Zapier can combine it with GoToWebinar and WebinarJam.



SamCart Customer Support:


There is a proficiency base accessible for basic details about settings, content and product creation, checkout pages, and integrations.

If you need assistance, you can utilize the chatbot on the bottom right-hand side to leave a question. You can do this if you face any issues while navigating the platform. They will get back to you on the same working day and no matter if you didn’t allow for priority support. The customer support team is really useful and friendly. They are keen to assist (even though the problem didn’t settle itself right away).



Through the following ways, SamCart provides you with awesome customer support.

●      Intuitive Interface: From the moment you log on to the platform, you will get the information and they show the steps to seize to assist you to get set up as shortly as possible.

●      Help Center: SamCart has a detailed base with written posts and video tutorials to assist you to figure out any kind of insight issues you might come up against.

●      Live Chat: If you come up against a problem that requires sudden support, you can get help via SamCart’s live chat. Although the response time can vary. In short SamCart support is very responsive to queries.

●      Facebook Group: SamCart has a large Facebook community of over 24,000 people and comprises a support group that will happily reply to all your concerns on Facebook.

●      Email Support: Although SamCart doesn’t give direct connection to the support team, they do deliver email support amidst business hours (timing between 9 AM to 5 PM ET on weekdays).


SamCart Pricing:


The SamCart Courses provide reasonable pricing plans. By spending $49/month, you can access the basic plan. Basic plans give you all the essential course-building and engagement features. You can deliver unlimited courses to the users and include unlimited students on all plans, and you don’t even have to spend any transaction fees.

Another plan SamCart gives you is the entry-level plan, which allows you to use the checkout page builder, and check out themes, and other main features, making SamCart reasonably priced.

SamCart gives four monthly pricing plans. They include Launch Plan, Grow Plan, Scale Plan, and Enterprise Plan. As we said the basic plan or launch plan costs only $49/month. The Grow plan is $99/month. The scale plan costs $199/month and the enterprise plan is a bit expensive which costs $399/month.

The SamCart Launch Plan is fitted for online entrepreneurs who are initiating their first digital commodity or physical product. It’s not useful for subscription business holders or those who want the one-click upsell.

The SamCart Grow Plan comprises the Launch Plan absences. It contains features like customer supervision, subscription payment reminders, advanced subscription cancellations, upsell details, and more.

The SamCart Scale Plan involves Advanced SamCart’s features. It includes all the features accessible in the Launch and Grow plan along with their built-in dunning mechanisms, Affiliate Center, cart desertion, built-in A/B testing, CRM integrations, webhooks, and preferred email & chat assistance.

The SamCart Enterprise Plan is for huge businesses. This plan gives you a devoted account manager, integration arrangement, and everything you need to get begun quickly. 


SamCart vs the Competition:


There are plenty of competitors in the online business field. One of the strong competitors that stand against SamCart is Kajabi. It is an all-in-one online course platform that gives aspects associated with all online course business aspects.

With Kajabi, you get tools for course creation, more than one course player layouts, tests and assignments, full-fledged website-creating tools, product pricing, optimized checkout, a sales funnel founder, and an email marketing tool.

While Kajabi has much more to give, its checkout builder isn’t as important. As a result, many traditional creators use Kajabi for course hosting and creating a website and SamCart for selling courses. 

Other competitors are Thinkific and Teachable. Thinkific provides enough details in their basic plan & with no transactional fees, it’s a value-for-money choice. Thinkific gives instructors a collection of elements formulated to create, market, and sell their courses. Teachable is not an inexpensive platform if you are looking to thrive and broaden your business. This platform gives you some truly professional choices that enable you to fully grow a profitable and efficient business.

Both are independent course platforms, mostly directing course-building tools. The outcome is that both provide promising course creation and engagement aspects.

Also, the checkout builders of these outlets aren’t as nice as SamCart, so customers often use SamCart with these platforms. ThriveCart is considered by many to be SamCart’s nearest competitor, despite being a much newer cart that’s presently still in beta.

It is hard to distinguish between ThriveCart and Samcart. ThriveCart is a page creation outlet designed to assist create cart pages and funnels for companies, as well as managing the pricing structure, tracing the sales, and so on. It facilitates businesses to increase income with high-converting cart pages.



Final Verdict :


There are many advantages as well as drawbacks to using SamCart.The highlights of SamCart include a flexible lesson builder, easy-to-create access levels, powerful checkout tools, and setting automation rules with third-party apps. amazing subscription management tools and reasonable pricing.

The things you may find as drawbacks of SamCart are no native video hosting, limited learning and engagement tools, no website builder, the steep learning curve for purchase flow creation, absence of course reporting tools.

This SamCart Courses review examined all of the platform’s course-building features. Yet, we analyzed the tools that make the course app stand out and others that aren’t so nice.

All around, the course app lacks some pretty significant features, and it can’t substitute a dedicated online course outlet yet. Still, if you happen to be a SamCart user and like to create easy online courses, their Courses add-on works well for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Can you create a course on SamCart?

Ans: Yes, you can create a course on SamCart using its Courses app. It comprises a drag-and-drop course builder, basic content hosting, a native course player, and limited engagement tools.

Q 2. Is SamCart Legit?

Ans: SamCart is certainly legitimate for digital marketers who like to sell services or products (both physical and digital) online.

Q3. What can I utilize SamCart for?

Ans: SamCart is an online cart platform utilized for selling digital products, including courses. In addition, you can host and build online courses natively.

Q4. Does SamCart host videos?

Ans: No, SamCart doesn’t offer native video hosting. Rather, you’ll be required to upload your videos on video hosting websites like Vimeo and YouTube and incorporate them into SamCart.

Q5. Does SamCart combine with Kajabi?

Ans: Yes, SamCart enables you to set actions and triggers and has native integration with Kajabi.

Q6. What is the expense of SamCart?

Ans: SamCart pricing begins at $49/month, and the most prominent plan costs $199/month. However, there are no transaction fees or other fees related to the subscription.

Q7. Is SamCart better than click funnels?

Ans: SamCart has additional advanced cart abandonment and supervision, whereas ClickFunnels does not. SamCart is generally more inexpensive than ClickFunnels at all pricing levels. ClickFunnels is much simpler for beginners with drag-and-drop functionality.

Q8. Is SamCart suitable for physical products?

Ans: The answer is yes. The platform’s page templates and innovative e-commerce commerce support features are equally fitted to selling physical products.

Q 9. Can you blog on SamCart?

Ans: To bring a blog to SamCart, you are required to create a page; before you build a page, you need to create a product. Building a product is a must – it’s not something that you can avoid.

Q10. Does SamCart have a mobile app?

Ans: No. A native mobile app for IOS or Android systems is absent in SamCart. But it does have a more mobile-friendly and very automatic interface.