Learnworlds Review 2021 – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Are you considering using LearnWorlds for creating your next online course and are not sure if you should use it? Then read on and find out more about it – we’ll make your decision easier!

First of all, I’d like to say that this is an unbiased and honest review of LearnWorlds, so we will focus on both the positive as well as the negative things about it, which some reviewers tend to leave out. We want to help you create a clear picture of LearnWorlds before you decide on purchasing.

Also, I’ll be looking at the tool as a trained educator, not a marketer. 

In this LearnWorlds review, you’ll learn how the platform works, who it is for, what you can do with it, what are its features, the pricing models, and everything else there is to know about it. You should have a clear answer after reading this review whether LearnWorlds is for you or not.

LearnWorlds Review Summary

LearnWorlds Logo

LearnWorlds is deservedly branded as one of the best online platforms for course providers. It’s a premium platform with numerous tools for building your courses, SEO tools, and impressive landing page optimization and customization options. There are drawbacks such as customer support and beginner-friendliness, but the positives easily outweigh the negatives.

Ease of Use
Course Creation
Website Building
Sales & Marketing
Customer Support

Pros of LearnWorlds

Cons of LearnWorlds

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Now, let’s look deeper to find what LearnWorlds has to offer and whether it is the right solution for you or not.

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    What is LearnWorlds

    LearnWorlds is a premium online platform where entrepreneurs, teachers, and companies can create and sell courses.

    It has long been hailed by many as one of the best in this field, despite the stiff competition. And after trying it out ourselves for an extended period, we have to say we agree (for the most part).

    Ever since its inception, the main goal of LearnWorlds was to provide the “future of learning, now”. With it, you will not create “just another course”; rather, you can create an entire interconnected community of learners, and that’s what sets LearnWorlds apart.

    The platform caters to a wide range of tastes:

    • To entrepreneurs looking to create, market, and sell their course(s)
    • To companies looking to provide corporate training for employees or to educate their customers
    • To schools or those who want to create a school website or a school center
    • To large corporations
    • To anyone who wants to create a course and wants a maximum amount of customization options and other features

    You may have read that LearnWorlds is not for beginners. And after fiddling with the platform for a bit, I must say it’s not entirely true, although there is a bit of truth in that statement.

    It’s true that once you sign up and enter the page, everything looks intimidating and slightly “packed”. But once you dive deeper, you realize that it’s extremely easy to use. Plus, you can always ask for help from the friendly customer support team.

    In many ways, LearnWorlds is a plug-and-play platform. Most of the course creation is based on templates and themes, and there’s a wide range of tools you can use, which makes using LearnWorlds easy.

    learnworlds review

    This is the dashboard on LearnWorlds. As you can see, it is somewhat cluttered, which leads many to believe it’s not for beginners. It does take some getting used to, as there’s a lot of information bombarding you straight from the gate. Once you master it, though, using LearnWorlds is a breeze.

    Let’s take a closer look at how LearnWorlds works when you’re creating a course.

    Ease of Use

    As we’ve already seen, creating a course with LearnWorlds is very easy. It can be done by beginners, too. Although if you want to dive deeper and create quality content, you might need some help with it.

    It’s a shame that there’s no tutorial or demonstration available on the platform. It would make life much easier, especially for beginners who are doing this for the first time.

    But if you really need help with your course creation, you can ask the customer support, which is fantastic. You can also view the “FAQ” section where you can see answers to some of the most common questions – it can help for beginners.

    Still, you’ll never feel like you’re completely alone with LearnWorlds. You can visit the LearnWorlds Academy where there are some free courses instructing you on how to create engaging and quality courses.

    You can also attend weekly webinars from LearnWorlds, although you’ll have to apply to become a part of that.

    Another confusing thing with LearnWorlds is the dashboard and how it’s constructed. It might be intimidating, especially when we see all the information and the numbers in terms of analytics. But again, don’t be intimidated by this, and take your time to learn. It won’t take you long, even if you’re a bit of a “noob” like me.

    Summary: The user experience with LearnWorlds is decent, but not fantastic. There are areas for improvement – the interface could be simpler, and a tutorial or hands-on demonstration would be really helpful. But you can still tap into a great pool of free resources from LearnWorlds showing you how to make a great course easily.

    Course Creation and Engagement

    Most of the course creation on LearnWorlds is based on templates. The main goal of LearnWorlds is to help you create the most unique and engaging courses on the internet.

    And thanks to the sheer variety of tools and types of content you can use, it’s not that hard to achieve that. You can add different types of content to keep your course more engaging (depending on your plan):

    • Text
    • Videos
    • Audio files
    • PDFs
    • e-books
    • Surveys, quizzes, assignments
    • SCORM files

    Let’s see how creating a course looks like on LearnWorlds.

    Starting Off

    First, you start by clicking on “Create a Course” at the top of your dashboard as you sign up. You’ll have to enter basic information about the course, such as the course’s name, its URL and slug, the type of course (paid, draft, coming soon, free, or private), set the course’s price, select the course’s image, and select whether to drip feed the content or not.

    This part is fairly straightforward.

    Adding Sections and Contents

    You’ll now be able to edit the appearance of your landing page, but we’ll talk about that later on.

    For now, let’s focus solely on the course creation part.

    So once you’ve entered the key details of your course, you’ll enter the dashboard area of your course. At the top of the dashboard, you can choose from several sub-pages. For adding content, click on “Contents”.

    Once you add a section, you can then start building the contents of each section. You’ll be impressed at just how many options you have when it comes to adding content. You can add different types of content to your sections:

    If you add videos to your course, then you have multiple options on how you can upload the videos. You can upload them manually, link to Vimeo videos, add videos from Wistia, or even embed Youtube videos.

    LearnWorlds offers you unlimited hosting for your videos, which is part of your plan. You can upload as many videos as you want to your Video Library, and you can use them in your course.

    But arguably the most powerful tool when it comes to course creation is the Interactive Video editing. With it, you can edit videos and make them interactive so they’re not just videos. You can add elements to videos such as:

    • Text
    • Images
    • Interactions
    • Table of contents
    • Subtitles
    • Interactive transcripts
    • Watermarks

    This makes your content much more engaging, and it allows the user to pause the video, click on a button, enter text, or perform an action to keep them engaged.

    I love how you can construct the course so easily. It’s broken down into sections and you can add as many lessons as you want. And there’s a wide variety of types of lessons you can add, which makes LearnWorlds a fantastic tool for course creation, even for beginners.

    Customizing Your Course

    Once you’ve added sections and contents to the course, you can start customizing it. This is important since you want your course to feel unique and suited to your style.

    In the “Course Player” section, you can select your preferred layout for how the course looks like. These are all templates, but you can still customize certain parts of it and make them suitable to your own taste.

    Summary: The course creation process with LearnWorlds is very unique and still simple. You can make a simple course quickly with some elementary sections and parts. However, you can always dive much deeper and select from the impressive content type options that you have at your disposal with LearnWorlds.

    Sales and Marketing

    You can create the best course in the world, but if you can’t market it properly, then it’s practically useless.

    Luckily, LearnWorlds has some neat marketing tools to offer for course creators.

    Landing Pages

    Your marketing efforts should start with the landing page creation. When you’re on the course’s dashboard, you’re given several templates when it comes to landing pages on the Theme Explorer page:

    Once you’re in Theme Explorer, setting everything up is easy. You can select your favorite font, colors, adjust buttons, and select your preferred layout for the landing page.

    There are endless options when it comes to landing page customization. Again, you can make your site look casual, or you can keep it professional and more formal if your topic doesn’t allow for a casual layout.

    But the landing page optimization doesn’t end there. You want to make it SEO-friendly, and LearnWorlds has some nice built-in tools to help you achieve that. It will help you make your title SEO-friendly, create a captivating description that will help you rank well, and add a custom image, too (hint: avoid stock images!).

    Creating a captivating landing page is crucial for being successful with your course. It has to look appealing, it has to work flawlessly, and it should be SEO-compliant. LearnWorlds helps you achieve all that.


    As a course provider, you want a way to promote your course with consistent content. A good way to achieve that is by having a blog. And LearnWorlds provides you with a great blogging tool.

    It’s a feature that was introduced in 2019 after many course providers lamented about the lack of blogging ability.

    It’s here now, and it’s bundled with SEO tools and templates that will make your blogging much easier. Attracting organic traffic will be easier now if you use the blogging tool by LearnWorlds.

    Promotions, Bundles, Subscriptions

    If you want to go in a different direction and create a course that’s based on bundles or subscriptions, you can do so with LearnWorlds.

    Subscriptions are a powerful marketing tool to get recurring revenue and a constant stream of income.

    You’ll also have the option to offer coupons and promotions for your courses, which can create a sense of urgency with the customers. All these marketing tools can be used in combination with LearnWorlds.

    One-Click Sales Funnels

    You need to make the sales funnels as short as possible. That’s possible with LearnWorlds’ one-click sales funnels capability.

    You can sell courses, subscriptions, or bundles with 1-click sales funnels. The best thing about this approach that the entire funnel is placed on one page, which means no additional loading, or additional screens which can deter people away.

    Affiliate Management and Affiliate Marketing

    LearnWorlds allows you to have affiliates for your course, and you can easily manage the affiliates from the dashboard.

    This will help you build partnerships with influencers, bloggers, and other important figures on the internet, which can help you increase leads and conversions in the long-term.

    Summary: LearnWorlds offers a wide array of marketing tools that will help you promote your courses. From blogging, affiliate marketing, sales funnels, to impressive landing pages, you’ll have all the latest marketing tools at your disposal.

    Third-Party Integrations

    For making the user experience even better, you’ll have access to a whole host of useful integrations on LearnWorlds.


    One of the biggest and most important integrations is with Zapier. It’s a task automation tool that will allow you to connect LearnWorlds with thousands of other applications and tools. The best thing about it is that everything is automated, so you won’t have to move your finger.

    You can also create live courses with the help of Zoom – a crucial integration if you’re looking to create live sessions, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, or consultations.

    Then there are marketing tool integrations with tools such as MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, Hubspot, and ActiveCampaign. These tools will help you automate marketing, your email campaigns, and help you spread the word about your course or site.

    Then there’s the integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Verification which can make your site rank better, and you can analyze the data of your site.

    Other integrations include:

    • Google Tag Manager
    • Mixpanel
    • Facebook-pixel
    • Intercom
    • Sumome
    • ReferralCandy
    • FreshChat
    • Zendesk
    • Olark
    • Tawk To
    • Fomo


    The features depend on the type of subscription you choose. With the basic plan, you’re getting fewer features, and you’ll also be charged a $5 fee per course sale.

    The custom domain feature is a good feature that is available in all plans. With this feature, you can use whatever domain you want for your course, and you can also use a domain of an existing site. This makes marketing much easier.

    With all plans, you’re also getting the option to have drip content in your course. This is great if you want to keep your users more engaged and you want to release the content over a period of time.

    The Learning Center Plan is extremely popular as it’s the first plan that offers you 24/7 customer support – something that basic doesn’t offer.

    With pricier plans, you’re getting the option for having more admins (20 or more), more students, access to SCORM content, invoicing, free calls, interactive videos, more reliable hosting (99.95% uptime), no transactions fees, and much more.

    Here’s a full list of features for each plan.

    Summary: There are many useful integrations that LearnWorlds has to offer. The most prominent one is Zapier, and there’s a good array of other integrations, too. The platform is also feature-packed and it shines in this category. It has some features that other platforms don’t, such as interactive videos, SCORM content, and more.

    Customer Support

    Depending on the plan you purchase, you can expect to have constant support from the support team. If you buy higher-priced plans, however, you’ll have 24/7 support at your disposal, something that doesn’t happen with the basic plan, sadly.

    The main type of support is email support. With higher-priced plans, you will get a 24/7 constant and responsive email support. With the basic plan, you only get 24/5 email support.

    We were slightly disappointed about the lack of chat support here, or even phone support. This is a weak area of this platform that many other course creators are missing. But the email support that is present is very responsive and high-quality, so at least that aspect of support is sorted out well.

    But you’ll never feel alone here.

    At all times and at all pricing levels, you’ll have access to all the most commonly asked questions and answers to those questions. That is enough to find your answer sometimes, although in other cases, it won’t suffice.

    Plus, there’s an impressive library of courses and webinars that LearnWorlds offer constantly for their users. These allow them to get acquainted with how to create content, how to make great courses, and how to beat the competitors.

    Summary: The existing customer support is available through email. The support is friendly and very responsive. However, we were disappointed about the lack of phone or live chat support – that’s an area for improvement for LearnWorlds.

    Pricing Plans

    At LearnWorlds, you’ll have four different pricing plans at your disposal:

    • Starter plan with basic features – $24/month
    • Pro trainer plan – $79/month
    • Learning Center plan – $249/month
    • High Volume plan – $699/month

    Note: These are the prices when you pay annually. If you pay a month-by-month basis, it’s more expensive. But that’s normal for the industry.

    Starter Plan

    The starter plan is for those who are just starting out and want to build a smaller course, to begin with. There’s always the potential to upgrade this plan at a later point if your course becomes too big for this plan.

    The features included in this plan are somewhat basic. It’s suitable for those course creators who intend to be the sole admin of the course. You get a custom domain in this plan, too, 3 pages, a community, four payment gateways, coupons, basic integrations, 24/5 support, and drip-feed courses.

    This plan is for beginners, as we’ve already said, and for those who will look to only create a small course with the potential to grow.

    Pro Trainer Plan

    This plan is already more as it has several features that the basic plan doesn’t. It includes everything from the Starter Plan, plus the following features:

    • No transaction fees
    • Up to 5 Admins
    • Unlimited courses, landing pages, sales pages
    • Subscriptions
    • SSL certificate
    • Course certificates
    • And other features

    It will set you back for $79 per month, although the annual plan will save you $240. Choose this plan if you’re an intermediate course provider with a decent following looking to create a streamlined course site.

    Learning Center plan

    The Learning Center plan is an advanced plan that costs $249/month, but you’ll save $600 if you choose the annual plan.

    It features everything that the other two smaller plans have, plus a plethora of other features. It’s possibly the best experience and the most complete one with LearnWorlds out there.

    This pricing tier is great if you have many students signing up and coming into your course. It allows for bulk student import, and it offers other features such as Interactive Videos, copyright protection, and many more.

    High Volume

    The High Volume plan is for the biggest courses out there, and for large course providers who have many courses on offer.

    This has no transaction fees, additional admins and course providers, unlimited courses, the best server uptime, and several other premium features

    This plan costs $699/month, but it will save you $1200 if you go for the yearly plan.

    Corporate Plans

    LearnWorlds also offer corporate plans for smaller or even larger organizations or businesses. There are 4 plans here:

    • Small Organization
    • Medium Organization
    • Corporate
    • Enterprise

    These plans are for larger companies and corporations looking for unlimited access and thousands of active users at the same time.

    LearnWorlds vs the Competition

    What are the alternatives to LearnWorlds?

    • Teachable 
    • Thinkific 
    • Moodle
    • Kajabi
    • TalentLMS. 
    • Udemy – open-source and free
    • Podia – great for beginners. 

    LearnWorlds Review – Final Verdict

    Hopefully, this unbiased review of LearnWorlds has given you valuable information about the platform and whether you will use it or not.

    We liked the platform a lot, as it was very complete and it has a very robust user interface. There are endless customization options and you can create as many courses as your heart wishes.

    On the flip side, we believe that customer support could be improved. There’s also room for improvement in the interface, as right now, it’s not the most beginner-friendly.

    Still not sure? Take advantage of the 30-day free trial and find out if LearnWorlds is for you.

    Try LearnWorlds For Yourself

    Try a risk free unlimited 30 day trial of all features! Click the link below!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I price my courses?

    To price your course, you must find that sweet spot where your course price is attractive to your learners. There is a direct correlation between how much you charge for your course and the engagement level of your students. The higher you charge, the more engaged learners will be. When you make your content free or cheap, people are less likely to trust it and have low expectations for results. If you increase the price, people inherently feel that they're getting more value.

    How do I market and sell my courses online?

    Once you have created your excellent course for a specific audience, you shouldn't stop here. Grow your email list as much as possible using email marketing techniques. For example, you can use lead magnets so that people pay you with their emails, capture emails from your own website, or through social media.

    Should I give my courses for free?

    Giving out free courses and lessons is close to providing a free program. Instead, you can offer a small portion of your entire course free of cost to potential students. This is a fantastic teaser for drawing new clients once more.

    What is LearnWorlds?

    LearnWorlds is well known for its innovative technology for course development and participation. The platform can fit a wide range of course designers who curate courses which are suitable for a wide variety of audiences like school and universities students, Entrepreneurs, Course Coaches, Influencers and more.

    Can we track a student’s progress on LearnWorlds?

    Yes! LearnWorlds allows you to track your student ’s performance from beginning to completion of the term. This makes it possible to find those students who may need just that little extra help and motivation. Additionally, as even more students join your program, you will begin to find places where candidates are more expected to have trouble. While this is brought to your interest, you are in a good position to identify the required changes.

    Is LearnWorlds Online Community good?

    LearnWorlds has a built-in social media network feature if you wish to establish an engaging network for your students. The community feature is quite capable and includes all of the necessary functions. As a result, both administrators and users will be able to introduce additional posts, as well as comment or just like the current ones. You could also include some text, a link, a picture, or maybe even include a poll in your posts.

    Can I integrate with third-party tools?

    Yes! LearnWorlds allows you to enhance the overall effectiveness of your online courses by letting you integrate with a variety of plugins such as marketing campaign tools, analysis tools, email marketing software, and customer referral software. that are available for you to download and use. So, whenever LearnWorlds doesn't have a marketing feature which you are looking for, there's a decent possibility that you can use a third - party plugin or a tool.

    Is LearnWorlds a good platform for school students?

    Yes, LearnWorlds is an excellent online course network that offers a wide range of courses for anyone ranging from Professors and lecturers, Expert coaches, Content creators, Schools and universities, Training managers, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and more. It would, nevertheless, be perfect for you if you want to really provide your visitors - an immersive educational environment.

    Can I create “Invite only” courses on LearnWorlds?

    Yes! You could also build and introduce courses that are only open to those who have been invited. This refers to the material which is not visible to the general public. This makes it simple to connect with only a small group of customers as an incentive for long term learners or as a way to attract people to buy something more.

    Can I send customized emails on LearnWorlds?

    You may customise your welcome and program fulfillment messages, and also submit certain personalized messages to learners. Filters such as registration, completion, voucher redemption, and so on can also be used to customise the material.

    Does LearnWorlds support gamification?

    LearnWorlds includes gamification and rewards to boost up interaction. So, whenever you toggle on the gamification feature, your students will be rewarded different badges depending upon their participation and activities in the group.

    Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing a course?

    For the Starter plan, you must pay a $5 one-time fee for each learner you enrol. This transaction fee is not required for higher-end plans. You simply pay your monthly subscription price.

    Is it necessary to have dedicated web hosting? Is there a guarantee of uptime?

    All of their plans include web hosting in the Microsoft Azure cloud. With your licence, you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    Is it possible to change or cancel my plan at any time?

    Yes, but only if you cancel or switch your membership before it renews. You will be charged the old prices if you apply for a change of plans after your billing term has begun.

    How safe are my students' personal information and proprietary content?

    LearnWorlds commits to strict data security procedures in addition to the basic protection provided by Microsoft Azure. Your personal information is kept separate from that of other customers.

    Where can I host online courses?

    Your online courses can be hosted on the LearnWorlds course platform. You can create an online school to sell people your courses. You can also design courses using LearnWorlds authoring tools and then export them to a third-party learning management system (LMS) for hosting. You can white-label your learning content to avoid piracy difficulties if you choose LearnWorlds' high-tier plans.

    What characteristics distinguish a good online course?

    Here's an example of a good online course- Self-directed, Interactive and cognitively challenging. Apart from that, it should provide a positive learning environment and have measurable goals. Learners may track their progress and adjust course content based on their skill level in the finest courses.

    Is LearnWorlds a good investment?

    LearnWorlds appears to be a promising platform for developing and hosting online courses. Overall, I believe it is comparable to other well-known platforms such as Teachable and Thinkific. The Pro Trainer plan is the LearnWorlds tier that I would recommend to most instructors, and it is where they would gain the most value.

    Is LearnWorlds a legit company?

    LearnWorlds is one of the most popular online education platforms today. It's a full-service platform that handles course development, marketing, maintenance, analytics, and monetization.

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