Leadpages: More Than Just A Random Review

Leadpages: More Than Just A Random Review

Leadpages Review: More Than Just A Random Review



As a business owner, you want to build a beautiful and user-friendly website for your brand that generates leads and keeps customers coming back to you. But you know nothing about coding or designing. Well, I found the best solution to your problem. If we go back in time, creating websites and landing pages used to cause a lot of struggle between entrepreneurs, coders, and web developers. Today, there is no such need to rack each other’s brains. With the help of Leadpages, you can now create not just a landing page but an entire website while sitting in front of your computer.

Leadpages is a renowned landing page builder for small and medium-sized businesses. You can create landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars as it is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for small businesses to engage with their audience, generate leads, and close sales. Overall, it is a one-stop solution for developing pages and selling your products and services on the Internet. I used Leadpages for a free 14-day trial before using it regularly for my business. Let’s dive into its features, pricing, alternatives, and much more.


What is the purpose of a landing page builder?


As mentioned above, a landing page builder is software that enables a user to create functional landing pages even without any coding or design skills. I have been utilizing a landing page builder for years that gathers user information from my page and uses it to generate leads and build my clientele.



Leadpages is one of the best landing page builders that allows one to create high-converting landing pages. You can even add these landing pages to your WordPress website if you have any. 

You can easily turn leads into satisfied customers with the help of simple templates and a wide range of integrations. It also offers widgets and page options on the left sidebar to add videos, photos, forms, and other things. The Sections menu allows you to add pre-styled content blocks, such as an “about” section, plan prices, or a standout call to action. All these features of Leadpages make your landing page more stylish, beautiful, and user-friendly. 

Leadpages Overview


This review will give you a broad idea about Leadpages’ software tools. In this section, you will get a quick overview of what else you can expect to see in LeadPages.

●     Conversion tool creation- In addition to landing pages, Leadpages allows you to create websites, pop-ups, alert bars, and trigger links. If you use these tools correctly, they can help you generate more leads to your website. 

●     Wide collection of editable templates- Leadpages has an excellent library of templates that can be customized to create landing pages and other types of content pages. These mobile-responsive templates are easy to view on any device.

●     Analytics data- You can review the websites and pages you have created in the past to see which ones did the best in terms of performance. Based on this information, modify your tools if necessary, to ensure their success. Eventually, you can start A/B testing campaigns to improve the conversion rate of your digital content.

Note: These are just some of the advanced features of Leadpages. I will be explaining each one in-depth for your benefit. 


Key Benefits of Leadpages:


To help you understand more about Leadpages and its uses, here are some important benefits of it and how it can contribute towards your business’s success:

➢   Ease of use- Since Leadpages is renowned for its simplicity and convenience, its ease of use and navigation are two of its most popular features. Leadpages offers all the tools you need to build your online presence, including pop-up windows and alert bars. Using the editor tools and style settings, you can quickly alter the pages and even your entire website. It has a “Widgets” section where you can add CTA options along with various page aspects like page style, layout, and tracking.

➢   No coding required- Leadpages lets you publish your web pages without any prior knowledge of coding. You may quickly create pages with a professional appearance and mobile responsiveness without having any technical knowledge. You can always look through the template gallery and choose one that best matches your vision if you’re unsure of the design.

➢   Loading speed and reliability- Now you do not have to worry about visitors leaving your site because of a slow-loading website. Landing pages and web pages from Leadpages load quickly. Leadpages guarantees 99.9% uptime for its landing pages, and it automatically saves changes for you each time. 

Leadpages Features:


Design & Templates:

One of the most impressive aspects of Leadpages is the unlimited access to amazing designs and templates that give your website or landing page an in-depth look. With over 100 templates, you can design a stunning user interface that will entice visitors to click and stay on the website. You can even drag and drop these onto your landing page or website with just one click. Additionally, the industry of each landing page is listed so you can choose the template that best fits your company’s needs.

I have experimented with different free templates, and I must say every template is unique and worth trying. I also like how Leadpages lets you design your web pages with its customization options—logo, look and feel, and so on.  All of these templates are user-friendly and mobile-responsive.



Landing Page Builder:

In my opinion, Leadpages is one of the best software programs for creating landing pages. Its landing page builder gives one the reliability of creating a landing page either from scratch or with the help of the built-in templates. Whether you want to change the text and colors of a template or completely redesign it, Leadpages does it all.

It can also preview its landing page builder page on desktop, mobile, or tablet to provide you with a real-time preview of how your final landing page looks.


Lead Generation:

Leadpages includes a built-in lead magnet distribution system to help you attract and retain new customers. I love this Leadpages feature, as it allows you to add a lead magnet to each of your pages to increase their conversion rates.

Mostly, the users move quickly from one website to another if they find nothing enticing or attractive to buy. However, free content like a lead magnet might pique their interest and encourage them to learn more about you or your business. 

To do so, go to Lead Magnets and then “Create New Lead Magnet.” Enter the sender’s name and email address, from which the lead magnet will be sent. Then enter a URL or upload a lead magnet from a file. The lead magnet can be made available for download via a form on your landing page or pop-up.

To edit it, simply select the form, then click “Actions” and select the lead magnet that people will receive after completing the form.



Conversion Tools:

Once you are familiar with creating and developing landing pages and websites, it will be easy for you to interact with the other conversion tools that help you run your pages smoothly and efficiently. 

You can design non-intrusive alert bars with Leadpages that divert your customers’ attention and force them to click on them. It includes colors, text, and a theme that guides you step-by-step through the entire procedure. As a result, you can create a personalized pop-up or alert bar in less than two minutes. 

You can even integrate these conversion tools into your WordPress website to eliminate the need to monitor conversion rates.



Widgets & Page Grouping:

Now, as a user, I wanted to add or delete some elements from my template that were of no use to me. Then I came across the widgets and page grouping feature of Leadpages, which allowed me to customize my web pages and make them more enticing for my customers.

With the flexibility of a drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your landing pages according to your needs. For instance, if you are looking to add sophisticated functionality to your websites, then you can do so with the help of widgets.

Therefore, you can:

● Add additional elements to any area of your page.

● Modify the order of sections and individual parts to change the information flow.

● Add CTA to any side of the page.

● Create a user-friendly, mobile-responsive page or website.

● Add a picture or video to a page.

● Create a countdown timer to announce any event on the page.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

So you might wonder why I am talking about SEO here. Well, my answer is that after building your landing page, you need to optimize it in such a way that it ranks at the top of the SERP results. 

As a business owner, you should know that even minor changes to a website can cause significant performance increases—more sales, more email subscribers, and larger purchases. Leadpages offers several SEO-friendly templates with faster speed, making it easier for Google to cache, crawl, and retrieve your page on the internet. You can also change the text in your page’s meta description to comply with SEO guidelines.

Site Publishing:

After you are done creating your landing page, it’s time to publish it on the web. I like that Leadpages provides a premium WordPress plugin that lets you link your landing pages to your WordPress website.

Leadpages offers free hosting when you publish your page to your website. Hence, Leadpages will continue to host your pages even if they are linked to your domain.



A/B Split Test:

Although this step is optional, you can create versions of your landing page and split-test different components such as text, color schemes, and even the overall design of the webpage.

All you have to do is create different versions of your page, and Leadpages will show them to different segments of your audience. When the test begins collecting data, you’ll quickly see whether your audience prefers one version of your page over another. If you notice a positive difference, you can make the modified version your new default landing page.



Measurement & Analytics:

Isn’t it great to see how your web pages are performing and ranking across countries in real-time? I love this feature of Leadpages as it helps me monitor the traffic sources coming to my website.

Leadpages provides easy-to-understand analytics and statistics for your landing pages, pop-ups, and lead magnets. You can check the report of your lead magnet, as it will give you clarity on whether it was feasible to create that. Also, you can see which social sites are generating the most and least traffic, and then you may adjust your campaign accordingly. This also helps improve your CTA button for the growth of your website.




As a business owner, I understand that you constantly worry about the safety of your website. But this time, Leadpages has your back. With Leadpages:

● You don’t need to be concerned about your website or landing page’s security.

● On their servers, all sites are encrypted using the SSL and HTTPS protocols.

● The GDPR-compliant Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement for all data.

● A separate Data Protection Agreement exists (DPA) for your security.

● The information collected by you on the pop-ups and email is stored safely with the processor, i,e, Leadpages. 

How to create a landing page on Leadpages?


I will show you how you can create a landing page with Leadpages. 

Firstly, click the product button in the Leadpages interface. Here you will find landing pages. 

Then Leadpages will ask you to select one of the 130+ free templates.

They have built-in drag-and-drop templates with a better user experience than their previous editor. Although you can use a 100% blank canvas, my advice is to go to the template collection to save time and increase the efficiency of your website.

  1. You can also change the page elements (border, style, text, and color) and make them relevant to your business’s needs. 
  2. You may add anything from the left menu to your landing page by simply dragging it to the desired location and dropping it there.
  3. If you are using a template and want to delete any component, you can choose the element you wish to remove and press “Delete.”
  4. You may easily modify an element’s size by using a straightforward slider.

Therefore, creating a landing page on Leadpages is extremely simple for anyone to use.


Leadpages Integration:


Leadpages offers several integration options for collecting and sending leads to your favorite marketing applications. 

With LeadPages, you can integrate the landing pages, websites, and conversion tools you develop with over 40 other tools and services.

LeadPages’ Zapier integration allows you to connect with thousands of marketing and automation tools. Furthermore, the landing page builder allows you to include Google Analytics and other marketing tools, which can be accessed here.



As of now, let’s have a look at their categories:

● Analytics


● Digital Advertising

● E-commerce

● Email Marketing

● Live Chat

● Marketing Automation

● Payments

● Scheduling

● Social Media

● Video

● Webinar

● Website

Other Integrations

● ClickSend SMS (via Zapier)

● Google Maps

● Google Sheets (via Zapier)

● (via Zapier)

● Shutterstock

● Slack (via Zapier)

● Survey Monkey (via Zapier)

● Teachable (via Zapier)

● Trello (via Zapier)

● Trustpilot (via Zapier)

● Twilio (via Zapier)

● Typeform

● Webhooks

● Wufoo (via Zapier)

● Zendesk (via Zapier)

Leadpages Pricing & Plans:


Knowing all of its benefits and features is important, but so is knowing the pricing factor, as it plays an important role before purchasing. With a 14-day free trial, there are two pricing plans that Leadpages offers:

Leadpages Pro:

The most popular one, the Leadpages Pro Plan, starts at $37 per month when billed yearly and $99 if you wish to bill it every month. Besides allowing you to set up more websites (3 compared to 1), it also offers special features like:

➢ It offers mobile-responsive and user-friendly site templates.

➢ With the Pro Plan, you can create landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.

➢ You also get lead notifications that notify you about the users who get attracted to your lead magnet.

➢ It also offers you free hosting for your WordPress website or any other domain.

➢ You can run A/B split tests that help you understand your landing page’s conversion rate and how you can improve it.

➢ It also allows you to accept recurring payments and deliver digital goods with the help of your landing pages.

➢ With Pro Plan, you can easily integrate your pages into 40+ marketing applications that will help you determine how your landing pages are performing.  

➢ You can also send email invitations to your subscribers to join your email lists or attend your webinar.

➢ This plan also allows tech support via phone, email, and chat.

➢ These benefits make this plan the most popular of the two pricing plans offered by Leadpages.

Leadpages Standard:

Starting at $19 per month if billed annually and $49 per month if billed monthly, this pricing plan is almost similar to Leadpages Pro, except with this one you can only make one website instead of three. 

Let’s look into some of the advantages offered by the Standard Pricing Plan:

➢ You can create unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.

➢ As with the Pro Plan, you get 100+ mobile-responsive templates with this one.

➢ Because Leadpages includes SSL encryption, you can host your landing pages on an HTTPS address for free.

➢ You do not need to know technical coding to publish the landing pages to your WordPress plugin. 

➢ The LeadPages Standard plan gives you access to technical support experts who are available to assist you via email.

➢ To stay on top of your leads, you can set up automatic email notifications for new customer data.

➢ Leadpages integrates seamlessly with popular email service providers (ESPs), contact relationship management (CRM) tools, webinar apps, and other applications.

➢ The standard plan, unlike the Pro Pricing plan, does not allow you to make online sales or payments using digital goods.

➢ You also cannot conduct an unlimited number of A/B split tests.

Leadpages offers these basic pricing plans for anyone who wants to build pages and interact with their customers. However, there is an advanced pricing plan that includes more features than the Pro and Standard Plans.



Leadpages Advanced:

The advanced plan includes the following features in addition to the above plans: These are as follows:

➢ The advanced plan supports up to 50 sites and costs $199 per month if billed annually. There is no monthly billing for this plan.

➢ The Advanced plan includes five professional subaccounts and one master account to assist you and your team in staying organized.

➢ With the help of text campaigns, you can use the SMS text messaging option to collect more leads for your email list.

➢ Another favorite feature of this plan is it lets you have a quick call with the Leadpages specialist and make you learn how to set up your Leadpages and get started right away.

➢ You can also send leads directly to marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, and others.

If you are confused between these plans, you can always go for the 14-day trial plan so you can know which one best suits your needs.

Leadpages Vs Competitors:


Here are some Leadpages alternatives you may consider:


GetResponse, which started as an email marketing tool, is now a marketing program that gives business owners access to several services, including the ability to create landing pages for lead generation. It offers a wide range of tools to help you improve your business, increase your sales, and expand your audience.

Depending on the demands of your company, you can choose from several pricing options, including a free one. Its forever free plan is the most popular one, as it includes unlimited newsletters, one landing page or website builder, signup forms, and popups. You can connect your GetResponse landing page to your domain in the same way that you can with Leadpages. In addition, it has more than 100 integrations to link with your GetResponse account, compared to Leadpages’ 40+ integrations.


I understand you don’t want to make the wrong choice for turning your leads into happy and satisfied customers. Therefore, I have come up with a comparison between Leadpages and ClickFunnels.

Leadpages, as you know, is a landing page builder that comes with various templates for creating webpages and websites. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is one of the most widely used tools for creating online sales funnels because it allows users to quickly and effectively design eye-catching sales pages that result in higher conversion rates.

For those who are just getting started and know little about coding, web design, or conversion tools, Leadpages and ClickFunnels are both excellent choices. They both offer mobile-responsive templates and almost similar features, including A/B split testing. However, you should know that Clickfunnels’ pricing plans are far more expensive than Leadpages and may not be suitable for a small startup.




Unbounce was the first software tool for creating landing pages. It includes nearly the same features as Leadpages, such as a drag-and-drop editor, A/B testing, sticky alerts, and beautiful in-built templates. With AI Unbounce, you can quickly create beautiful, high-performing marketing campaigns. You can easily integrate Unbounce landing pages and pop-ups with the most well-liked email, CRM, and analytics applications, like MailChimp, WordPress, AWeber, etc.

While Leadpages starts at $37 per month, Unbounce starts at $90 per month and has pricing tiers that limit you from creating unlimited landing pages. Also, sometimes Unbounce templates may not be as mobile-responsive as Leadpages templates are. 

Many users have declared a tie between these two tools. They enjoyed both of these tools and thought that they were practically identical. I believe Leadpages better serves the business’s needs as compared to Unbounce.


Leadpages Customer Support:


Leadpages has a strong technical support team, which is extremely helpful in resolving the queries of its customers. They also provide customers with numerous troubleshooting options. To get in touch with Leadpages Customer Support, log into your dashboard and click “Contact.” Here, you get support and help from their technicians in various forms, such as:

1. Email Support- You can contact this company by email and they will respond within 1 or 2 days. When sending an email, include information such as the name of your page or opt-in form, how you published it, the URL of the page, any specific error messages you’ve received, and your account email address (if not sending from your dashboard).

2. Chat Support- Leadpages understands the importance of time to you and your business. As a result, you can interact with their qualified team of technicians. But only those who have opted for Pro and Advanced plans have access to this option. This feature includes live chat assistance. You can get in touch with them from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm central time by going to the “support” section of the navigation menu.

3. Phone Support- Members of the advanced price level get access to phone help. By calling a toll-free number from the “Support” area of your navigation menu, you can get in touch with their staff member for troubleshooting help.

4. Resources- Leadpages also have inbuilt resources where most of the users’ queries are answered. If you are stuck at any point, you can go to the resources section and select the category of your problem to find the how-to-solve solution.


Leadpages Review: Final Thoughts


In this review, I’ve done my best to provide you with a comprehensive guide to Leadpages, so no question goes unanswered.

If you are thinking of choosing a landing page builder that comes in handy with no prior knowledge of coding or web development, then Leadpages is the right choice for you. It has a drag-and-drop builder, simple widgets, built-in templates, and the ability to create an ad magnet, which makes it far superior marketing software to its competitors. 

Furthermore, it is a fully hosted solution with an integrated landing page and website builder. Therefore, whether you’re a solopreneur or a future agency owner, think about trying Leadpages if you are serious about your business.

It also gives you enough time to test all the basic features and determine whether it can help steer your business in the right direction with its 14-day free trial plan. 

Once you have stuck with Leadpages (which I am sure you will), you can opt for any of the above-discussed pricing plans that suit your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. At what price can I use Leadpages?

Ans: To use this best landing page builder software, you must pay a certain amount, either billed monthly or annually. Its starting price is $19 per month if billed annually. But, of course, you can first go for a 14-day free trial plan to test all of its features and then decide your answer.

Q2. Is Leadpages for me?

Ans: If you own a medium-sized business and want to develop your email list more quickly and turn leads into customers, use Leadpages. It will reduce the time and money you need to spend on coding pages. Leadpages comes with all the necessary in-built features, which are enough for you to use to expand your sales.

Q3. What are lead boxes and how do they work?

Ans: Leadpages allows you to create a visually appealing, high-converting website. You can create one website if you choose the standard pricing plan. As part of your membership, you will receive free web hosting. With no additional steps, it will make your site available on the web.

Q4. Can I build a website through Leadpages?

Ans: Leadpages allows you to create a visually appealing, high-converting website. You can create one website if you choose the standard pricing plan. As part of your membership, you will receive free web hosting. With no additional steps, it will make your site available on the web.

Q5. Does Leadpages allow customization?

Ans: Well, yes! You can customize your templates, texts, font, color, and everything else according to your business’s needs. With in-built mobile-responsive templates, Leadpages saves you time and money by eliminating the need to hire professionals. You can also tailor your landing pages to your specific needs using the drag-and-drop builder.

Q6. What more can I do with Leadpages other than create landing pages?

Ans: The primary function of Leadpages is to create user-friendly landing pages to boost conversation rates. However, it offers more than that! Leadpages has products like pop-ups, alert bars, and conversion tools that allow you to engage visitors with different products and convert them into happy, satisfied customers.

Q7. How can I contact Leadpages if I need any sort of help?

Ans: Leadpages has a real human technical support team that you can contact when you need immediate assistance. It has separate customer support that is available via email, chat, phone, and resources. The platform also guarantees that your inquiries are answered by real people and not just virtual bots.

Q8. Is it worth buying Leadpages in the future?

Ans: Definitely, yes! Leadpages’ competitive marketing toolkit is beneficial to online business owners because it makes online advertising convenient and accessible. Overall, this software tool is a great place to start an online business, especially for small startups.