Landingi Review 2021 – All In One Landing Page Builder

If there’s one resource that’s chronically insufficient and interminable at the same time, it’s… well, time.

Creating landing pages for your marketing campaigns has been, and will always be time-consuming, especially when you need them on a regular basis for various purposes.

This is where Landingi turn in with an idea to create a landing page builder that’s all about saving time.

With Landingi you can reduce the time it takes to create a landing page from a few days to a few hours.

There’s no need to take my word for it – see exactly how it works:

Landingi Review Summary

Landingi Logo

 Landingi offers over 400 landing page templates and offers an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. It covers everything you need. The variety of themes will definitely appeal to your specific needs. You can make a high-conversion landing page with ZERO coding skills.

Ease of Use
Page Creation
Customer Support

Pros of Landingi

Cons of Landingi

Now, let’s look deeper to find what Landingi has to offer and whether it is the right solution for you or not.

Try Landingi For Yourself

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    What is Landingi

    Landingi Overview

    Landingi is an end-to-end landing page platform that helps businesses reach their marketing goals by simplifying the creation and optimization of highly converting landing pages and, consequently, increases their users’ lead count.

    With more than 200 templates and a simple drag & drop interface, Landingi offers hundreds of personalization options, allowing its users to create landing pages without programming or designing skills of any kind. All it takes is a few hours and a specific purpose for the landing page.

    Landingi works great with other marketing tools thanks to dozens of built-in integrations which allow users to manage leads, send them directly to other platforms or simply extend the functionality of landing pages.

    It also features a number of additional functions, such as testing domains, version history, audit log, basic statistics, custom JS, HTML and CSS script support or A/B/x tests.

    The whole process of creating a landing page in Landingi is as easy as it gets. Start with logging in to the Landingi platform. Then choose the “select a template” option. Pick your template from a template library or start with a blank page. By doing so, you will open the editor. Now start designing your landing page!

    This is where the real fun begins. Landingi editor features an intuitive drag and drop mechanism that makes it all even easier. Just choose the thing from the left panel, move it to the desired spot, and edit it using options on the right panel.

    See how it works!

    After setting up the design, it’s time to replace the copy on your landing page.

    Landingi uses the Google Fonts repository, which means there are over 800 fonts ready to write with!

    Once your landing page is done, you can publish it on (which is a test domain) or connect it to your own subdomain.

    Then it’s time for A/B tests – the most popular way of measuring the effectiveness of two variants of a landing page.

    This functionality also can be found in the Landingi platform. All throughout the test period and after, you can check the built-in basic statistic tool, to see which version turned out to have the higher conversion rate.

    Why Use Landingi

    Getting leads is most effective with landing pages – it’s common knowledge, and you should also know that only 22% of businesses think that their current conversion rate is enough.

    Well, looks like it’s time to start using landing pages. It’s science!

    Landingi gives you a complete, powerful tool to create landing pages to begin with. It comes with a simple, drag and drop interface and it doesn’t require any programming nor design skills. You can place, resize and move every element on your landing page freely.

    If your design skills are not very great, you can use the free templates available in the Landingi platform. There are hundreds of them and they’re all carefully designed to deliver maximum conversion rate and a friendly user experience, not to mention they are fully customizable both for desktop and mobile devices.

    Landingi can be used with no coding skills and yet, if you know anything about it, you can use it to your advantage – there’s a way to additionally personalize your landing pages with custom JS, HTML or CSS codes.

    It all feels like this platform can really make you IT independent.

    Creating a fine landing page normally takes a few days to a few weeks, considering the necessity to contact designers, programmers, copywriters and approving changes at every stage.

    Using templates and creating your own content can save you days of hard work, and the reasonable price for access to the platform (starting at $29/month) makes it even more appealing.

    There are certainly some things that make Landingi stand out from the crowd. A rich library of templates and free images, a flexible offer and no limitations – and that’s still just the tip of the iceberg!

    A flexible offer

    Landingi offers seven plans – Core, Create, Automate and Suite for businesses, Consultant, Agency and Agency Pro for agencies.

    You can choose the tier that contains exactly what you want – no need to overpay for stuff you won’t use anyway!

    Also, you can select the frequency of payments – monthly or yearly – that suits your needs the best. The latter comes with an additional 25% discount.

    Rich template repository

    No point in a landing page platform without dedicated templates.

    Landingi knows it and they offer 150 professionally designed templates free for every user and another 50 premium templates for Create and higher plans. That means there are two hundred templates designed for various purposes and industries.

    Image, font and icon library

    When you think that you’ve already seen every stock photo out there, Landingi’s got your back!

    There are over 5 000 free images in their library split into 10 categories, more than 800 fonts (Google Fonts library) and 800 icons.

    Use them to make your every landing page unique!


    All the essential functions are available even in the cheapest Landingi plans – they contain everything users need to create high conversion landing pages.

    If you know you’ll need more than that, take a look at the pricing table to see if any other plan meets your expectations.


    No matter what plan you select, these features are always ready to use:

    • No limits for gathered leads
    • 150 landing page templates
    • Drag & Drop creator
    • Cloud hosting
    • Forced SSL
    • Customizable mobile view
    • Lead Inbox
    • Email notifications
    • 2 active landing pages
    • Custom domain
    • 1000 visitors per month
    • Email support
    • WordPress plugin

    The most affordable Basic plan includes all of the features mentioned above.


    Upgrading to Core gives users access to additional functionalities and resources:

    • Unlimited Landing Pages
    • 5 custom domains
    • 100.000 visitors per month
    • Popup builder and 10 active popups
    • Email integration
    • Custom HTML


    The third in line, Create plan, contains more features for those who use landing pages on a regular basis.

    Upgrading to Create unlocks the following features:

    • 10 custom domains
    • 10 account users
    • Email, phone and chat support
    • Unlimited popups
    • 50 premium templates
    • Access to image and icon library (with more than 5000 assets)
    • Email marketing integrations
    • Lightboxes


    The Automate plan comes with a few more features suitable for those who need more marketing automation tools.

    Subscribing to the Automate plan gives you:

    • 20 custom domains
    • 200.000 visitors per month
    • Advanced third-party integrations
    • Campaign scheduler
    • Autoresponder
    • A/B/x testing


    Running an agency means that there’s often an urgent need for subaccounts – mostly because you need the workspaces of your customers to be separate.

    Thanks to Agency plans by Landingi, you can give them a space that’s all theirs to create and work on landing pages.

    Get to know all the features available to agency clients:


    The Consultant plan gives even more options for managing your Landingi account.

    It comes with at least 5 subaccounts with the possibility to extend this number.

    Buying Landingi Consultant plan gives you:

    • 5 or more subaccounts
    • Separate access for customers
    • Advanced permission settings
    • Unbranded emails
    • Unbranded WordPress plugin


    For those who run their own agency and have their own clients in need of a landing page platform, there’s another plan, called Agency, with a whole set of new features:

    • Custom templates – create them and they will be available only for you and your customers.
    • Custom image library
    • Audit logs
    • Priority support

    Agency Pro

    The Agency Pro provides a truly white-label experience for your company.

    Make the whole Landingi platform look like your own and build a whole environment for your customers (with up to 20 subaccounts).

    • Place the Landingi platform under your domain
    • Use the Landingi platform with your own branding
    • Custom login page
    • Custom 404 error page
    • Custom CNAME
    • Brandable outgoing emails (with your own logo)
    • API for creating subaccounts


    A landing page platform without the possibility to integrate with third-party applications is no good.

    Landingi knows that, so they put a strong emphasis on the development of this aspect of their product, creating over 40 integrations for Landingi users (and counting).

    The leads gathered using landing pages created in Landingi are not meant to stay in their inboxes, but are being used in email marketing, analytics, callbacks, payments and many other activities. This is where integrations spring into action.

    E-mail Marketing Integrations

    If you use newly acquired leads to contact potential customers via email, you may want to integrate the Landingi platform with one of the following tools:

    • Active Campaign
    • AWeber
    • Campaign Monitor
    • ConvertKit
    • Drip
    • FreshMail
    • GetResponse
    • impleBOT
    • MailChimp
    • MailerLite
    • Sare

    CRM/Sales Integrations

    Trying to build a strong relationship with your customers can be made easier by using CRM software.

    • LeadsBridge
    • Base
    • Bitrix24
    • HubSpot
    • Livespace
    • Pipedrive
    • SalesFlare
    • Salesforce
    • ZOHO
    • SALESmanago

    Callback/Chat Integrations

    A huge part of lead nurturing is keeping in touch with potential customers. One of the most successful ways to do this is to place a chat on your landing pages and be ready to answer all questions regarding your offer.

    Integrating Landingi with these apps is as easy as pie:

    • CallPage
    • Intercom
    • LiveChat
    • Zendesk Chat

    Analytics & Tracking Integrations

    Creating a landing page is just the beginning of the journey.

    To squeeze the most of it, you need to analyse and track at least the most important records: traffic and conversions.

    This is why Landingi decided not only to allow their customers to generate an Ads Conversion Tracking Code, but also to support these integrations:

    • Facebook Pixel
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Heap Analytics
    • Kissmetrics
    • Mixpanel
    • Yandex Metrica

    Other Integrations

    There are plenty of other purposes Landingi users may need to use the platform for.

    Selling products, publishing landing pages in WordPress domains, sending data further and more.

    Landingi works with these tools as well:

    • PayPal
    • PayU
    • Sofort
    • TPay
    • Przelewy24
    • PayLane
    • Shopify
    • Webhook
    • WordPress
    • Zapier

    Analytics and tracking

    Building a landing page is not enough to persuade your prospects and convert them into paying customers. You have to back it up with other tactics – data analysis, for example – to maximize your results further. 

    Good thing Landingi added a feature that enables you to incorporate analytics and tracking software. Using it lets you supervise all the incoming leads including the way they interacted with your website and their purchasing power. It keeps you updated with analytic indicators that you can take advantage of to improve your efforts.

    landingi analytics

    Here are some of the perks you will earn from this feature:

    1. Custom scripts. The feature allows you to insert hidden scripts in your code that you can use to track and analyze data coming from other tools.

    2. Google analytics. To enhance your customer user experience, learn more about your prospects using third-party software such as Google Analytics. No more hassle as Landingi lets you integrate it into its system seamlessly.

    3. Conversion pixels. Want to know how your landing pages perform? The product allows you to add and place 1×1 pixels on your pages. These conversion pixels track and record your goals. It checks how your landing page performs too.

    One more thing: Link tracking is also an essential strategy when it comes to using sales funnels but it’s another topic. ClickMagick is one of the most popular link tracking software.

    Landingi Affiliate Program

    Apart from helping you support your digital needs, Landingi also gives you the opportunity to earn money using their product through their affiliate program.

    landingi affiliate program

    Landingi affiliate program is open to all its subscribers and offers commission up to 30% for every sale. It is a perfect side hustle not only for affiliate marketers but also for entrepreneurs who want to add extra income on the side while building and nurturing their online business. 

    There are no excuses not to join. You will receive all the necessary customer support you need from Landingi including the materials to promote their products. A partnership specialist will contact you to help you start and grow as an affiliate marketer. And that is all for free!

    Signing up just takes a few minutes. All you have to do is (1) create an account and fill up all the forms provided by the platform(2) then pick your choice of commission plan, and lastly (3) promote and share your referral link. You will then get your commission (every time you make a sale) within a few days.

    Customer Support

    The success of customers is the success of a platform. Landingi seems to know it, and this is why they established a Customer Success team trying to make your landing pages work like a charm!

    Landingi also offers a Knowledge Base full of both basic and advanced instructions on how to create landing pages, use integrations and more.

    They are constantly updating it with new content as new functions appear in the platform.

    If you haven’t found what you were looking for, there are still a few ways of contacting the company:

    • The phone support is available 8:00AM – 8:00PM CET, Monday to Friday.
    • If you want to describe your problem thoroughly, create a ticket or send an email at

    Find more information at Landingi Contact page.

    Pricing Plans

    Landingi offers seven plans divided into two categories: Business and Agency.

    The prices differ for monthly and annual payment. If a customer decides to subscribe to Landingi for 12 months, he or she gets a 25% discount.

    Let’s take a closer look at available plans.

    Business Plans

    landingi business plans

    There are four available plans in the Business category:

    • Basic ($11-15) – for those who want to create high converting, but simple landing pages.
    • Core ($29-39) – for those who need more personalization options and popups.
    • Create ($49-59) – for those in need of advanced integrations and even more templates.
    • Automate – ($59-79) for those who search for advanced marketing automation and testing features.

    Agency Plans

    landingi agency plans

    There are three plans in the Agency category, each comes with a selectable number of subaccounts:

    • Consultant ($95-129) – for small agencies with a need to send unbranded email and use the Landingi WordPress plugin without branding.
    • Agency ($149-199) – for agencies that want to offer their clients custom templates and that work with 10 or more companies simultaneously.
    • Agency Pro ($245-329) – for those who are looking for the full white-label experience with their own branding and custom API for creating subaccounts.

    Landingi vs the Competition

    If you find Landingi kind of lacking in some of its aspects or it simply does not fit the requirements you need for your online biz, below are a few alternatives you should check out.

    As what its name suggests, Leadpages is a marketing solution which focuses on collecting leads and building email list via landing pages. However, unlike Landingi, it comes with other lead generation options like webinars and lead magnets.


    Leadpages offers a wide range of features as well just like Landingi. The difference is that Leadpages has much more to offer which makes it a more robust platform.

    The only downside I noticed is that (just like Landingi) it does not have a built-in email autoresponder.

    If you want to know more about it, check my Leadpages review.

    This software is pretty much like Landingi. It is a conversion software that specializes in producing compelling landing pages. It is also marketed to solopreneurs who are not so knowledgeable in writing codes and building web pages.


    The software is also known for its landing page builder. Just like Landingi, it has a library of templates that you can either modify or use as-is. The main difference I found is that Unbounce is able to handle online sales with checkouts powered by Stripe. You can also build a page from scratch and customize your own template.

    The other features are pretty much like Landingi’s. Here are a few things you can do using the platform:

      SSL encryption
      Lead notifications
      App integrations
      A/B split testing
      Digital product delivery

    If you want to know more about it, study my Unbounce review.

    It’s an intuitive marketing solution created to build high-converting sales funnels. Rather than producing landing pages like what Landingi does, its main focus is to generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

    While Landingi offers a gallery of landing page templates, Clickfunnels has an extensive library of pre-built funnels that you can use and customize.


    On the one hand, I don’t think there’s much to compare the two as both of them serve different purposes. The only thing you need to figure out is your main priority: is it landing pages or sales funnels?

    If you want to know more about it, check my Clickfunnels review here.

    Landingi Review – Final Verdict

    Landing page tools have two important functions: to make websites look good and to increase sales. Without the proper tools, doing either of the above is hard and takes hours of training.

    However, with Landingi, you can power a viable website that makes designing and selling really easy. While it’s still growing and is due for future updates, I’m really impressed by its performance thus far. The responsive customer support makes me optimistic about the implementation of new features too.

    • Landingi used to be a landing page builder but now the app also offers a variety of other features.
    • Its landing page builder remains its main strength. It includes features such as a drag-and-drop editor,  a thank you page creator, and 300+ landing page templates.
    • Landingi also comes with a pop-up builder which includes features such as triggering options, seamless integrations with popular email marketing apps, and 100+ pop-up templates
    • You can use Landingi to build sales funnels but its funnel building functionality appears to be quite basic.
    • The company offers a variety of integrations with popular email marketing apps, CRM apps, payment systems, and more. 
    • We believe that the best alternative for Landingi is ClickFunnels. Want to build sales funnels? That’s what we are all about!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Try Landingi For Yourself

    Try a risk free unlimited 14 day trial of all Landingi features! Click the link below!

    How does the Landingi free trial work?

    Landingi like most platform offers a 14 day free trial. You will be granted unlimited access for 14 days depending on which plan you selected.

    What is Landingi used for?

    Landingi is a landing page builder often used in online advertising. With it, you can attract sales leads, increase customer engagement, and improve conversion rates.

    Is Landingi a CMS?

    No, Landingi is a landing page builder. You can usually use the latter to create landing pages only. A CMS (like WordPress) has a much broader content management functionality.

    How much does Landingi cost?

    Landingi has three paid plans, starting from $29/month and going up to $109/month. You can find more details about the packages in the pricing section of this Landingi review.

    How many customers does Landingi have?

    The concrete number is unknown, as is often the case. What we do know is that it was founded in 2013 and has customers in more than 80 countries. Plus, it seems to be well-received by users.

    Can you charge customers inside the Landingi platform?

    Unfortunately no. For charging your customers, you will need your own system – there is no internal solution in our platform to handle payments.

    Can I offer unbranded Landingi plugins for my customers?

    Landingi has an unbranded WordPress plugin called Landing Pages App. Agency owners can offer their customers an import of their landing pages to WP. Click HERE to check out Landingi Agency.

    Can my clients register on the Landingi platform on their own?

    You need to register your customers and then provide them login (email) and password. There are no automatic messages. Your customers cannot also register on their own.

    Can I switch Landingi plans at any time?

    Yes, you can change your Landingi plan at any time by clicking the 'My Account" link. Doing so will not shorten your trial period. 

    Can I get a refund with Landingi

    Landingi offers refunds per their terms and conditions. You can contact support using the below options:

    • The phone support is available 8:00AM – 8:00PM CET, Monday to Friday.
    • If you want to describe your problem thoroughly, create a ticket or send an email at

    Find more information at Landingi Contact page.

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