Kajabi Review: Is it Effective?


Kajabi Review: Is it Effective?


If you want an online platform to make a profit with your knowledge that is easy to use and doesn’t require much technical knowledge, Kajabi is the right choice for you. The users of Kajabi have formulated many high reviews showing the advantages of Kajabi. Here you are in the right place to know more about Kajabi from users’ point of view to analyze how beneficial is Kajabi software.

Come, let’s know more about Kajabi!

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is software that acts as an online arena that gives you a chance to sell your commodity with a simplified mechanical system. It is a beneficial solution for the problems faced by entrepreneurs who are dealing with an online business. An entrepreneur requires passion just like an aeroplane needs fuel. Kajabi adds fuel to the commitment of every businessman to prosper in digital dealings. It provides the best integration tools to assist members to build their interested courses on the online platform, conducting marketing schemes, and establishing specific website pages.

In Kajabi, you can set up an area to conduct your sales and marketing channels in a commonplace that is helpful for users and online future clients too. If you want to build, market and profitably sell online courses and memberships both for users as well as customers, Kajabi is worth preferring to choose from a variety of product blueprints according to your interest.


Important features of Kajabi

Important features:

Some of the high reviews about Kajabi collected from users are the following: –

  • The awesome combined outlet assists you in conducting everything in a single place. It is so effective in training admins with single tools rather than multiple.
  • It is much simpler to use than WordPress. To make everything work in a good way is so easy and you can make an active site very shortly.
  • Kajabi indeed is a helping hand to grow micro-businesses online. Their plans enable you to measure processes in partnership with career growth.
  • The most general review found from the customers was the simple use of Kajabi and didn’t require any high technical proficiency.
  • Other reviews praise the profoundness of the marketing tools and pipeline characteristics.

Course creation in Kajabi

Now let us discuss how to create a course on this platform. Kajabi permits you to formulate all types of topics to exhibit what you know nicely, comprising online classes, coaching sessions, podcasts, membership options, and much more.

In this part, you will learn about how to structure courses in Kajabi, delivery of the content, tools of learning, and engagement of the members


A course view in Kajabi

There are five easy steps to create a course on this platform. They include setting up your account, creating a product, applying an offer, marketing your course, and tracing the progress of your course. To offer a great knowledge-achieving experience for students, this platform allows creators to build courses on this platform.

Building your account is easy, and you have the choice of three pricing plans. You can also involve Kajabi Access in any plans to make twice as many tools.

Once you’ve developed your account and enrolled as a Kajabi user, you can begin to make a product. Products comprise your online courses, membership sites, education tools, and resource centers viewed digitally by your customers.

You need to establish an offer (also known as the product’s price tag) before a buyer can obtain it, or you can give it for free.

You can choose numerous prices and offer varied payment plans or package your products together.

   (Course content page in Kajabi)


In the process of creating a course in Kajabi, there are various aspects to follow up on. They include the following: –

●      Course builder

It is very easy to upload your content in Kajabi and can structure it in the way you want. The course builder consists of Product Blueprints for different kinds of online products. If you choose any course Blueprint, this platform can build a similar type of structure by involving categories and posts in it. Posts contain actual content and categories are for organizational intentions. You can also involve subcategories that make courses flexible.


(Course builder View)


You can add various content types including class videos, audio lessons, online examinations, texts, PDF files, etc…. under the lesson title of the lesson editor where you can set it up.

There is also an option for bulk upload if you have more videos about content. Later Kajabi can turn them into posts.

All around, the procedure of course building and uploading subject material in Kajabi is simple and automatic, and you’ll be eligible to conduct it even if you have no tech skills.

  • Delivery of content and Engagement

Course player is an important factor of Kajabi that displays content to students. For learning effectively, the course player has plenty of features. It stands out from other platforms in the way that it offers more than 10 themes in the course player while others give only a single theme.

The appealing thing about course players is that you can choose from a variety of themes for various products. You can choose any theme that meets your requirements. Also, you can design it with your idea to make it more attractive.


(Themes in Kajabi)


Kajabi has a premier theme, which has a well-designed course player. Adding and displaying thumbnails of your choice is possible here. Also, you can add your branding logo to the course player, which gives a premium effect to the appearance.


     (Comment section in Kajabi)


The navigation bar can be seen on the right part of your video which can be displayed at the top. Then you can involve extra content such as PDF files, images, and texts. You also have the option to comment at the bottom area, so that you can conduct a conversation between students and teachers.

Kajabi has a Momentum Product theme that exhibits a video or picture at the forefront and is planned to be visually fascinating from the start. By using the Momentum theme your content uses the most area on the page, while yet making it simple to drive from lesson to lesson.


(Momentum Theme)


Customization and Site design

Do you know how easy to create a website in Kajabi that supports your online business? It provides you with a place to conduct your course online and ensures the proper delivery of content to learners.

(Website builder in Kajabi)

They exhibit your products, publicize your content, and comprise all those ordinary but essential terms and conditions on your website.

To better know about the website builder on Kajabi, we must mainly learn the difference between the Website tabs. To get started with your Website Builder first choose a template that best matches your design conception.

The Website tab of Kajabi includes the website design, tools to create Standalone Pages, customization of your Navigation menus, your Blog, and all the analytics for your website.



 (Customisation in Kajabi)

By using the Website Builder, you can create awesomely designed website pages with pre-built templates, highly customizable aspects, and numerous standard website pages.

In Kajabi, your Website Builder provides you with extra tools and editing skills to ensure your website tells your extraordinary story exactly as you like it to.

You can even design a custom Homepage altered to your business and brand. It can upgrade organic traffic and enhance user experience with accessibility alt-tags to all of your images. It helps you to build a custom online store to exhibit your digital and physical products and much more!

After choosing the template for your website, customize your Global Page Settings before jumping into the personal design of your standard website pages.

This will assist set up the foundation for your brand on all of your standard website pages before you start designing and involving your content. After all, your website is more than just an online shop. It’s a reflection of you and your unique brand.

Sales and Marketing

Kajabi maintains a unique strategy during its sales and marketing. Other outlets offer essential features to sell your courses. But the specialty of this platform is that it has a lot of effective tools to manage your dealings and that way you can create your customers.

You should determine your pricing policy and build a sales page before you jump into initiating your course and selling it online. You can set up an irresistible course offer to attract an audience here. You can even make your course free while beginning, charge a single-time payment, have a subscription model, or any type of payment plan.

You need to establish an offer (also known as the product’s price tag) before a buyer can obtain it, or you can give it for free.

You can choose numerous prices and offer varied payment plans or package your products together.


(Email analytics report in Kajabi )


You can easily use the “Marketing” tab to draft emails, customize forms, and build events and Pipelines. You can utilize webinars to create anticipation for future content. It is excellent for engaging your audience and for providing compelling content. What’s more interesting is that you can even use those webinars to stimulate sales.


(Email Reminders)



Creating your email list is an influential way to market your products and establish connections with your customers.

Kajabi’s fields take on email marketing activities based on essential details like automation, email lists, marketing analytics, and more into a single associated package that can be conducted from a similar dashboard.

By customizing your marketing settings, you can also personalize email campaigns.

Pipeline in Kajabi

In Kajabi, you can build various funnels for sales. It is called pipeline which is the quickest and simplest way of creating funnels for those who have less marketing knowledge. While you build the pipeline, this platform requires you to choose from a collection of pre-built sales blueprints.


(Blueprints of Pipeline in Kajabi)


So, if you like to give a lead magnet to create your email list, you can choose the Freebie blueprint. Furthermore, if you like to market your online courses through webinars, you can choose the Zoom Webinar OVO. You can also use the “Blank” blueprint for creating a funnel from scratch. The main building blocks of any pipeline include landing pages, emails, and offers. Landing pages enable the audience to take action. That action can be anything like entering a form, seeing a video, pressing the purchase button, etc.


   (Sales funnel in Kajabi)


Commonly, these landing pages will direct into an email series where the buyer gets more details and importance and deepens their alliance with you and your business. With the press of a button, you can build a solid and same procedure to strengthen the relationship with the soon-to-be customers of your goods and services. That’s the main merit of using pipelines in Kajabi.


Pricing Strategy

Initially, you can formulate your course free, demand a one-time price, use a subscription criterion, or have a payment strategy.

If you want to generate a recurring subscription, you can charge your students weekly, monthly, or annually. Also, you can charge an introductory arrangement fee and build an assessment duration for your subscription.

Secondly, Kajabi provides you with the flexibility to rate your Offer in any primary currency comprising USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, INR, and so on.

Thirdly, you can choose the Products that you need your consumers to have entry to when they buy an Offer.


(Pricing plans of Kajabi)


You can either appoint a single product or you can prefer numerous products (lessons, coaching, community, audio classes, etc.) in the similar Offer. This characteristic is quite useful if you like to sell a product package or create a membership site.

It gives three pricing plans, all of which offer you endless bandwidth, entire video hosting via Wistia, and 0% marketing fees.

It has the lowest tier called the Basic Plan and is priced at $149/month. It enables you to build up to 3 Products and Sales Pipelines.

Also, it gives all the characteristics except associate marketing and progressive automation, which are accessible on the Growth Plan. It costs $199/month and enables you to build additional products and pipelines.

If you want to improve your limits even further, you can select the Pro Plan which costs $399/month. Still, most buyers will be nice with either the Basic Plan or the Growth Plan.

Kajabi is handily the most feature-rich online lesson platform in demand and when you evaluate all the several tools it gives, you’ll find it relatively priced.

The starting price is straight but the pricing should work well if you create your whole business or a crucial portion of it on the platform.

Report and Administration

To analyze the performance of your business, reports are an essential factor. These reports are so helpful to improve your activity. Kajabi has various types of reports.

For assisting your online courses and sales transactions, this platform provides effective reporting tools. What is interesting is, that it has separate sections for analytics in the dashboard. Here you can learn about various reports for tracing things like views of the page, opt-ins, earnings, associate sales, etc.


(Kajabi revenue report)


You collect the insights of a report for subscriptions where you can understand metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) Churn Rate. This is so much use if you have a plan to create a membership on Kajabi.

Also, all the individual reports are very nicely designed. For instance, when you check the report of net revenue, you can see a chart showing graphs of a summary of revenue and the earnings of every offer.


  (Chart showing analytics)


You can analyze the reports by date or by offers. You can switch from an everyday view to a weekly, monthly, or annual checkout in Kajabi.

There are choices for tracing engagement rate, play rate, views, etc. You can also evaluate how students engage with your videos and where they pause, using the pictorial engagement viewer and video heatmaps.


(Video analytics)


Management of Audience

Kajabi has an area where the admin can manage the customers. You can even import your users to your website and also provide offers. You can filter your present users, based on the products your user selected.

You can take actions such as award or revoke entry to an offer, add or remove from an email sequence, register or deregister from an event, and remove the user list to any area.

A significant merit that Kajabi provides in site administration is the option to add admin users to your Kajabi site. You can allocate roles to your team partners. Managers have the same license as owners, with the peculiarity of dealing with payment integrations. Assistants can eliminate and modify site subjects, but they can’t add any financial reports. Support Specialists can only manage comments and supervise your students.

So, whether you like to expand your site entry to your team members or your virtual assistant, you can do that in Kajabi. But one thing missing is, that it can’t involve the course author’s details.

External Integrations

Kajabi gives you a chance to integrate with other popular marketing solutions of email with its awesome tools also. It allows you to integrate with Aweber, Mail chimp, Drip, Convert Kit, and Active Campaign. Kajabi also allows you to integrate with the popular Zapier which contains hundreds of productive tools based on marketing, the experience of users, etc.

Overall, the integrations Kajabi provides will be adequate for most people, with third parties. A drawback is that, due to the lack of an API key, you can’t develop custom integrations.

Customer Care

The team in Kajabi provides outstanding support to the users. All-time assistance regarding any issues on your page is possible.

This includes providing anytime chat support through live streams. In this single central hub, help is one click away. Kajabi help center provides you with every solution to the complicated questions about the activities in your account.


(View of Kajabi Help Centre)


They give you recommendations about your resources and help you improve. The community help feature offers you crowdsource answers. When you are stuck, Kajabi provides you with various resources associated with Kajabi University, solutions training webinars, and so on. They are all incorporated inside the help center.

Once you dive into the new background with your Kajabi account, you can also submit issues directly or live convo with a support agent. You are also able to look after your present and past inquiries, all through one central hub.


  (Kajabi University)


Kajabi Vs Competitors

There are many alternatives to Kajabi available in the online arena. They include: –


*Thinkific Plus




*Mighty Networks

*Udemy Business


Let’s know more about some of Kajabi’s competitors!

Reviewers compared Kajabi to TalentLMS in the way that it is easier to set up, easier to do enterprise with, and easier to administer and manage the activities. Thinkific Plus is an all-in-one online lesson outlet formulated to allow anyone to rapidly build and provide extraordinary art lessons on their own branded site. The review of this platform is very similar to TalentLMS.


(Talent ms integration)

G2 Deals is another alternative to Kajabi we enable buying software that just got smarter as well as less costly.

You can easily purchase curated and it is a trusted – software. In this, you can own your software obtaining journey and you can learn about exclusive dealings.

The next one is Teachable, which is one of the strong competitors of Kajabi software. In this, you can create your online school. Instruct or sell courses directly from your website. Reviewers suggested that it is simple to use and more usable.


(Teachable Plans)


In LearnWorlds, build and sell online courses, all-in-one. Get a fully experienced, public, committed, and interactive online school. You can only just sell online courses, but while can sell learning experiences too

When compared to Kajabi it is slower to reach Roi, better at support, and easier to do business with. Another important competitor of Kajabi is Udemy Business, which is Udemy’s B2B knowledge solution. As a scalable learning solution, Udemy Business entrusts institutions to deal with their biggest workforce challenges, by committing employees its skills training and improvement using top-rated Udemy courses.

You can even offer free courses for a specific period.

Final Note:


Kajabi has many merits when compared to any other related software based on the same use. Kajabi stands out from others in its unique advantages. One of them is the availability of free trials. Kajabi provides its customers with a free trial for 30 days. One of the noticeable specialties of Kajabi is that everything works together so that you can take your business to another level. It gives your audience a common place to log in and enter your online marker forum. It is completely customizable.

On the other hand, Kajabi has a few disadvantages too. Their entire content is in only one place. This platform is kinda costly. If you have a ton of data or plenty of buyers, you should be ready to spend for the highest membership bond.

But Kajabi is 100% worth the money if you have great confidence in your product’s capacity to sell. So, it is a better choice to use Kajabi to sell your knowledge. It is an effective option to grow your business if you maintain the quality of products and trust in your ability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is Kajabi beneficial?

Ans: Kajabi is an effective platform for carrying out a knowledge business. You can utilize the outlet to host your online courses, create your website, and drive your marketing campaigns.

Q2. Who uses Kajabi?

Ans: Kajabi is used by course creators, students, online entrepreneurs, and those who want to sell their products online.

Q3. Is Kajabi legal?

Ans: Yes, Kajabi is a legal digital course forum. The company was begun in the year 2010 and helped more than 40,000 online industries with its effective assistance.

Q4. What is the uniqueness of Kajabi when compared to other similar platforms?

Ans: Kajabi is an all-in-one forum that provides assistance through its vast resources related to various courses and helps in marketing your product from a single place.

Q5. Is it possible to sell physical commodities on Kajabi?

Ans: Yes, you can sell any products through Kajabi. Also, you can combine with Shopify if you need a full-fledged eCommerce store.

Q6. Is Kajabi helpful for creating a website?

Ans: Of course, Kajabi provides plenty of effective tools for creating a website and you didn’t require any tech knowledge for that.

Q7. What are pipelines in Kajabi?

Ans: It is a technique to build sales in Kajabi. The tool is utilized for generating end-to-end marketing funnels effortlessly and rapidly.

Q8. Do Kajabi use Mailchimp?

Ans: Actually, you weren’t required to use Mail Chimp with Kajabi. It has in-built email transaction tools and generally, it’s better than Mail Chimp.

Q9. Is Kajabi-friendly software on mobile?

Ans: Yes, every course and website developed in Kajabi is mobile-friendly. Even the learners can enter the content through a free app on mobile.

Q10. Is Kajabi expensive?

Ans: Kajabi is not like other normal outlets online. It is specifically associated with numerous platforms present in it. That’s why it is costly as it provides high quality.

Q11. Where is Kajabi situated?

Ans: Kajabi’s headquarters is located in Irvine, California, United States.